Where to Use SP Eggrya Monsters in Ragnarok Tactics

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If you recently got an SP Eggrya monsters in Ragnarok Tactics either from the Hatch, Store or from the Rewards. You might think that those monsters are useless and have no idea where to use these monsters. It’s either because when you tried leveling up the monsters it doesn’t work, or when you tried to use it as evolution in the early game it doesn’t work as well.

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  1. What is SP Eggrya
  2. How to Use SP Eggrya
  3. Where to Get Eggrya

The thing is – you should not throw these monsters as Eggrya monsters are one of the important resources for evolution for late-game when you reach a 3-red-star monster.

What is SP Eggrya

Based on its Prime job description “Resource for evolving”, Eggrya is an SP rare type monsters and it is used to evolve monsters with 3-star ratings.

There are 5 different types of Eggry Monsters and each Eggrya corresponds to the element type color of monsters where it can be used.

  • Black Eggrya (SP) – Evolution resource for black type monsters
  • White Eggrya (SP) – Evolution resource for white type monsters
  • Paper Eggrya (SP) – Evolution resource for red type monsters
  • Rock Eggrya (SP) – Evolution resource for blue type monsters
  • Scissors Eggrya (SP) – Evolution resource for green type monsters

How to Use SP Eggrya

Aside from using Fruit talent, and required identical or star monsters, Eggrya is also used when you evolve 3-red-star monsters up to 5-red-star monsters.

Like for example, when you tried to evolve SS Randgris from 3-red-star to 4-red-star, you need 3 x Paper Eggrya.

Where to Get Eggrya

You can easily get Eggrya at the Store but it usually costs around 2k to 3k GP (Gold Poring), or at 10m to 30m Zeny depending on the type.

You can also obtain these from the Hatch Lab and the rarity is the same as getting SS monsters.

That’s it! If you find this post helpful, please check our ultimate guide for Ragnarok Tactics.

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