How to Get Gold SS Monsters in Ragnarok Tactics (Hatch Lab, Exchange Item and more)

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Obtaining a Gold SS Monster in Ragnarok Tactics will give you an advantage in the battle in terms of much higher damage and defense. It is also a late-game character where you can permanently invest your resources to it forever.

Getting an SS Monsters in Ragnarok Tactics is quite easy and can be acquired for FREE from their different events during the initial launch.

Table of Contents

  1. Hatch Lab
  2. Rookie Party
  3. Exchange Item
  4. First Purchase Gift
  5. Connect
  6. 7 Days Goal

In this guide, we will help you get a free Gold SS Monsters from non-guaranteed to guaranteed method.

Hatch Lab

In Hatch Lab, it is one of the summoning or hatching of monsters in Ragnarok Tactics. The possibilities of getting an SS monster here are by chances and the probabilities are from 1 to 5 percent, depending on the Hatch Lab event you’re pointing to it.

Currently, they have 4 events where you’ll get a higher chance of getting an SS monster.

  • Arrival of King – Orc Hero, Tao Gunka and Katrinn
  • King of Aliens – Baphomet and Dark Lord
  • Strongest Warrior – Doppelganger and Turtle General
  • Novice Pick – Moonlight, Mistress and Phreeoni

Pointing your hatch to the following tab will give you a higher chance of getting those event SS monsters.

Rookie Party (Event)

At the Event, there is a Rookie Party event where it will give you an SS Monster Package for free once you accumulated a total amount of 800 GP transactions at the Store.

The SS Monster Package will allow you to open a chest that contains several SS monsters, you have to choose one SS monster among the Rock, Scissors, and Paper Factions selections (Not including Knight of Windstorm).

To get these rewards, simply go to the Store, and spend at least 800GP.

Once you totally spend 800 GP, go to the Event and claim the reward.

Exchange Item (Event)

Still on the Event, going to the bottom there is an Exchange Item event. From here, you have 3 SS monsters that you can purchase with GP and S monsters for an exchange of complete shards for the SS monsters.

To get it, go to Event and at the bottom, go to Exchange Item. There are three SS monsters available for purchase:

  • 60 x Doppelganger Shards
  • 60 x Dark Lord Shards
  • 60 x Randgris Shards

You just need 8 S Monsters and 1,250 GP to purchase those shards and get an SS Monsters.

First Purchase Gift (Event)

This one is not FREE and you need to spend real money to get the Eddga SS Monster.

To get Eddga, you just need to spend any amount in the game and you’ll get the legendary monster.


When your account level reaches somewhere level 27 to 29, the Connect tab will be available. From here, you can get a Shard from the SS Monsters you already obtained, the features allow you to get a Free Shard of the same monsters. Your goal here is to level up their connection level by feeding them foods and unlocked the dungeon to get a free Shard for clearing each dungeon.

Once you’ve reached level 21 intimacy, you can receive up to 45 SS Shards of the SS monster by completing the dungeon at the Wonderland.

The other 15 SS Shards can be obtained daily from the Wonderland dungeon, but you’ll get a single shard per dungeon per day.

7 Days Goal (Day 2)

At the 7 Days Goal, you also have the chance to get the SS Monster Turtle General Shards but its pretty difficult. But if you complete the progress task, you also get the Turtle General.

To get it, you need to reach Rank 1 in Arena to claim these free SS Monsters at the Day 2 tab.

You also get the Turtle General Shard when you complete the progress bar in 7 Days Goal, simply complete a 125 tasks and you’ll get the SS Shards. Make sure to click the chest on the top.

Take note: You don’t actually need to complete all tasked. You just need to complete 120 tasks to get it. There is a total of 196 tasked in the 7 Days Goal.

That’s it! If you want more tips like this, check our Ultimate Guide for Ragnarok Tactics.

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