How to Get More Foods for Monsters Love Connection in Ragnarok Tactics

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Increasing the connection between your monsters in Ragnarok Tactics will not only allow you to get a free Shards for the monsters but will also allow you to get additional stats by upgrading its Love Connection.

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In this guide, we will help you learn how to get more foods and what’s inside the Love Connection.

How to Get More Foods

There are lots of ways to get more foods to increase the connection level of your monsters.

The following are the list where you can get Food for monsters in Ragnarok Tactics.

  • Store – At the Store shop, you can purchase a Delicious Food Package for 360 Monster Coins.
  • Event (Level) – When you reach account level 35, you can claim a 65 x Sea Food & Poultry at the Event Rewards, each will give you +1600 connections. Enough to max-out your monster’s connection level to 25.
  • Event (Consume GP) – Still in Event rewards, you can also claim a number of Delicious Food Package when you consume an accumulate amount of GP: 3,000GP, 5,000GP and 10,000 GP in your account.
  • Gift Store – You can also purchase foods with real money, 50 x Delicious Food Package is cost around $9.99.

What is Love Connection

When your monsters connection-level reaches 25, the Love Connection for that monsters will be enabled, allowing you to boost Monster’s Power.

There is a maximum of 9 Love Connection Grades, the higher the grades means the better the attributes your monster will get. After reaching a certain grade, a special effect will also be unlocked.

You need a Rubies to upgrade Love Connection grades. The requirement for rubies increases as the grade level increase.

When you upgrade grades, there is a certain success rate. If success, it will increase the grade. The following are the success rate for the following grade:

Grade UpgradeSuccess RateFailed Degrade
0 to 150%No change
1 to 250%Degrade to Grade 0
2 to 350%Degrade to Grade 1
3 to 450%Degrade to Grade 2
4 to 525%Degrade to Grade 3
5 to 620%Degrade to Grade 4
6 to 715%Degrade to Grade 5
7 to 810%Degrade to Grade 6
8 to 95%Degrade to Grade 7

You may also use External Rose (Scarlet Rose) or Eternal Rose to protect your monster’s grade from degrading when you got a failed attempt. Scarlet Rose is used for Grade 0 to 4, while Eternal Rose is used for grades 5 to 8.

When you reach Grade 9, the bonus stat you’ll get is it will double your equipment stat attributes.

How to Get More Ruby

For each connection-level increase in your monsters, you will get a Lucky Bag which contains Rubby, Dark Ruby and GP.

If you really need many Rubies, we recommend leveling up the low level-connection A to B monsters as they only need at least 200 to 400 Foods to increase its level from 1 to 2. This way you’ll get more Lucky Bag than increasing the level of high level-connection monsters.

Where to Get Scarlet Rose and Eternal Rose

You can get Scarlet Rose from the GP Store. It cost 750GP for 5 x Scarlet Rose and 1,000GP for 5 x Eternal Rose.

You can also purchase it for real money at the Limited Gift store.

  • 23 x Eternal Rose & 3,600 GP – $49.99
  • 10 x Eternal Rose & 1,800 GP – $24.99
  • 5 x Eternal Rose & 720 GP – $9.99
  • 2 x Eternal Rose & 360 GP – $4.99

That’s it for now! I hope this simple guide helps you with your adventure. For more tips like this, check our ultimate guide for Ragnarok Tactics.

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