How to Level Up Monsters Faster in Ragnarok Tactics

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You probably reach the middle point of the Ragnarok Tactics (SEA) game and it slows you down progressing the story adventure – as your monster level is not enough to complete it. This scenario also happens when completing the Challenge arena. The only answer for it is to make your monster reach level 80, and there are ways to do that using the free Gold Poring coin (GP).

So, how to level up your monsters faster in Ragnarok Tactics? There are two objectives you need to obtain first before leveling up the monsters and that are the Zeny and Monster Spirit.

Table of Contents

  1. How to Get More Zeny, Monster Spirit and Talent Fruit
    1. Store
    2. Cat’s Training
    3. Zeny Rush
  2. How to Get More GP (Gold Poring)
  3. How to Level Up Monster Faster

In this guide, we will show you the technique on how to level up your monster faster.

How to Get More Zeny, Monster Spirit and Talent Fruit

There is an easy way to get Zeny and Monster Spirit, which is purchasing to the store using the Gold Poring or GP. Check our guide below on how to get more GP.


In the store, you will surprise that Zeny and Monster Spirit are sold here, and the cost is pretty much cheaper, enough to boost your monster level.

The following item is what we needed to purchase in the store:

  • Talent Fruit – Sold for 50 GP
  • 600,000 Zeny – Sold for 100 GP
  • 600,000 Monster Spirit – Sold for 500 GP
  • 100,000 Monster Spirit – Sold for 100 GP
  • 50,000 Monster Spirit – Sold for 250,000 Zeny
  • 1,000 Talent Fruit – 50 GP

If those items are already sold out or not on the list, you can refresh the list by spending 25GP.

The Talent Fruit is used to increase the star of the monster which unlock the new maximum level.

Cat’s Training (Challenge)

You can also get more Zeny and Spirit Monsters from the Challenge – Cat’s Training, which your only objective is to reach a certain amount of damage to the boss to get the rewards.

For Zeny Collector:

  • Easy – 100,000 Zeny
  • Normal – 200,000 Zeny
  • Hard – 400,000 Zeny

For Spirit Trial:

  • Easy – ???
  • Normal – ???
  • Hard – ???

They also have a 2x event, For Zeny Collector its MWF and for Spirit Trial its TTH.

Zeny Rush

Lastly, the Zeny Rush. To access it, just click the + button at the Zeny money on the top center of the screen. From here, you can play the Zeny Rush. At first, it is free and slowly increases the cost. The good thing is, as the cost is increasing, the Zeny you’ll get will also increase. Plus, there is a jackpot prize where it will 2x, or 3x your Zeny exchange.

In the screenshot above, we get 732,000 Zeny for only 30 GP.

How to Get More GP (Gold Poring)

You can easily obtain Gold Poring from the following:

  • Challenge (Explore Geffen Tower) – Each clearing of the floor will reward you 20GP.
  • Adventure – Each Chapter completed will reward you 600 to 999GP.
  • Event – You’ll also get a GP from the Event by completing certain tasks like Daily Attendance, Consume GP rewards and more.
  • Arena – Join the Arena, when you earn ranks you also get GP for the difference.
  • Friend Treasure – Go to Friend menu, and when you reach a certain level, the Friend Treasure will be unlocked. You can complete the daily search task to get free GP.

How to Level Up Monster Faster

Since you already purchase enough Zeny and Monster Spirit from the store, your task now is to level up your monsters. If you reach the maximum level, level up the star using the Talent fruit to increase the max level.

After you level up your lineup of the monster, you need to farm for more GP. When you have enough GP, go back to the store and purchase those items.

Repeat the process until you reach the maximum level of 80.

In our case, we obtain 4 level 80 monsters and 1 level 120 monsters.

That’s it! We are still updating this post. For more guides like this, check our Ultimate Guide for Ragnarok Tactics.

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