How to Find Greatspine Boundary to Reach Umon’s Shipyard in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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After defeating Morag and Brighid in the Battleship. Rex and your crew plan to visit the World Tree and since you’re already in the closest country Gormott, all you need is a ship. Tora suggested he knows someone doing a ship that lives at Gormott Titan’s bum-bum, it’s his Grampy Umon.

Umon’s Shipyard is located near the Greatspine Boundary and its quite tricky finding this place because of the narrow path going to the location. We spent almost half an hour finding this place, because our only clue is the distance counter and objective saying “Head through Greatspine Boundary to Umon’s Shipyard, near the rear area of Gormott.”

To help you easily locate the Greatspine Boundary, you have to skip travel to Traveler’s Resting Tree. From here, just go straight north until you find a rock bridge formation.

Once you reach this place, go underneath the bridge and go straight passing the lair of Nose Gogol’s, then you should see a falls – then on the right you should see a valley, this will lead you to the Greatspine Boundary.

Go straight to the valley and you should reach Umon’s Shipyard in no time. From there, enter the shipyard and the main story should continue.

For the complete walkthrough, you can check our video guide below – if you still have problem finding the Greatspine Boundary and reaching the Umon’s Shipyard in Gormott consider checking it.

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