How to Find Great Blowhole, Uraya in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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After completing the Merc Mission Surveillance of Azami you’ll get a new side quest All’s Fair, where you’ll look for a suspicious group who’s delivering unknown cargo where Azami manage to take it down. Now, You’ll asked to go to Great Blowhole, Uraya in order for Azami to locate these bad guys.

The full objective of this All’s Fair side quest says “To liven up a boring duty, Azami keeps an eye on a suspicious group in town. Find out what they’re up to!”. Completing this mission will reward you 3330 Gold, 3120 EXP, 185 SP and 3 items (Smash Resist II, Spike Defense II and Telepathy II).

Before going to Great Blowhole, you also have to equipped Azami and Pyra to activate the side quest.

How to Find Great Blowhole, Uraya

The nearest skip travel location to Great Blowhole is the Soulcrown Summit (Kingdom of Uraya, Head, Soulcrown Summit).

When you reach to Soulcrown Summit, go down to the path on your right, until you reach the lake.

After reaching the Lake, you should see a cliff in front of it. That should be the Great Blowhole, Uraya.

To activate the quest, you need to enter the cliff going to other side.

The quest for Azami should start now, don’t forget to equipped Azami and Pyra as your blade.

That’s it, the mission should start now and will progress you to the next part.

If you still have problem completing this quest, don’t hesitate to contact us by commenting it down below.

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