How to Unlock Poppi’s Nopon Wisdom Level 3 in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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In Chapter 4 of the game Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you’ll encounter the long lost Tora’s Dadapon artificial blade Lila’s. Rex and Tora have to find Lila’s location after you fought battle with her after she run away. The team also look for evidence who’s the one responsible for assembling Lila’s and might Dadapon being captive from there hands, this is by tracking down a cargo’s.

Completing Lila’s Location Main Quest

In the Step 8 of the main quest, you’ll ask to Cast light on the evidence left at the Old Industrial District in Mor Ardain. Unfortunately, you’ll be stuck on this quest as this require you to have the Nopon Wisdom Level 3 of Poppi for her Read Nopon Writing skills.

There’s a single affinity reward that is impossible to unlock on the Poppi’s Level 3 Affinity Chart, the Guard Shift Level 3 (Increases block rate by 14% with a condition of ???). Most of the blank condition (???) can be unlock through main story. The Level 3 Guard Shift can only unlock by a Heart-to-Heart Poppi’s Remodel.

You don’t actually need to complete the Guard Shift Level 3, the requirement to unlock Poppi’s Level 4 Affinity Chart belt is by Increasing Poppi’s Trust to 4,600. To increase Poppi’s Trust, you can get 10 Trust everytime you battle an enemy.

Alternative to Complete Lila’s Location Main Story Quest

Alternatively, you can complete the Lila’s Location main story quest without unlocking Poppi’s Wisdom Level 3, this is by completing the other objective which is the Complete the Merc Mission “Materials Stakeout”. This merc mission will allow you to assign a blade to keep watch over the green and yellow barrels holding artificial blade materials and caught the suspect.

The last alternative for completing this quest is by getting the Rare Blade Kassandra, which she have additional Nopon Wisdom. You can get Kassandra using a Lucky Core Crystal, which you can obtain by getting a tips from an Informant in Mor Ardain, the information is about a Greedy Monster “A monster that ate a famed Driver has been seen in Chansagh Wastes”. You have to do a Salvaging in Chansagh Wastes until you get the Unique Monster, you have to beat the monster to get the Core Crystal.

How to Unlock Poppi’s Nopon Wisdom Level 3

Once you complete the Level 4 affinity chart of Poppi, you can now unlock Nopon’s Wisdom Level 3. The requirement is just by talking to 40 Nopon’s, you can easily achieve this by talking to a bunch of Nopon in Central Exchange, Argentum Trade Guild, there should be atleast 11 Nopon in Central Exchange and once you talk to all Nopon’s. You can redo this again by skip traveling to Central Exchange and talk to the Nopon’s again and it will count as new one, repeat until you reach 40.

If you still haven’t finish all the Affinity Chart in belt 2 and 3, though this is not needed. Here are some tips to complete it.

Leaping Lv 2 – Use Poppi alpha’s favorite pouch items. Instruments category. You have to buy 2 instruments to Nalinali – Strummer Instruments in Argentum Bazaar. Poppi’s favorite instrument is Roly-Poly Maracas and Funky Conga. Then the instruments in Tora’s pouch.

Noponic Iron Lv 2 – Use Poppi alpha’s favorite pouch items. Instruments category. Do the same on Leaping Lv 2.

Emergency Mode Lv 3 – Hit the specified score in Tiger! Tiger! (0/20,000). Just score above 20,000 in Tiger! Tiger! game you can play this in Tora’s house.

Noponic Iron Lv 3 – Raise Affinity in Combat. Skip travel to Torigoth Market and purchase an affinity booster to Cmalaf Artwork, Peline. Purchase any Affinity gain (The Girl on the Hill, Black Flower Field). Then use this on Tora’s pouch to take effect, after that you have to fight 5 enemies and make sure to fight quite high level monster, so Tora’s can use affinity gain.

That’s it, if you still have question or alternative ways. Please don’t hesitate to comment it down below.

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