How to go to Abandoned Factory in Mor Ardain – Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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After talking to Morag with the information about the lead on the artificial Blade, you’ll be asked for another task to dispatch you to the abandoned factory. The specific objective is “Go to the abandoned factory said to be in the heart of Mor Ardain.”

In our first try, we thought the entrance to the Abandoned Factory was in Anangham #2 Dock but upon reaching to the location, It seems you cannot open the Anangham gate it says “It is locked” – So most probably, this is not the right location.

The right entrance location to get to Abandoned Factory was from the last Main Story Quest “Lila’s Location” – where you’ve asked to read the Nopon Writing in the Green and Yellow barrel.

How to go to Abandoned Factory in Mor Ardain

Skip travel to Old Industrial District.

Once you’ve reached the destination, just in front of you there should be stairs going to the Geothermal Processor.

Keep going down until you reach the ground level Storage Warehouse. There are a bunch of Lv 35 Spider Arachno in this area, so better get ready for battle or run to the exit.

Once you’re outside the warehouse, jump or take the stairs to the grounds and go straight to the right at Chansagh Wastes.

In the middle, you’ll encounter some guys here. And after that, you should reach the Abandoned Factory in no time after a couple of cutscenes.

That’s it! hope this guide help you in your quest. Enjoy the game.

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  • Nina July 5, 2020 4:19 pm

    Thank you!

  • Naggie July 28, 2020 12:07 am

    “In the middle, you’ll encounter some guys here.”
    Yeah, lvl 80-85 enemies while I’m in the mid 30s…

    • Blah April 28, 2023 1:30 am

      Seriously, what the hell was up with the Level 80 snakes in the middle of the quest. And then when I tried to run from them, I ran straight into more snakes as well those “mamut” things or whatever they’re called, also at level 80, complete with the game slowing to a crawl.


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