List of All Informant Merchant Answers Guide in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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An informant merchant is one of the best tips & guides that you can find in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 game, but the informant merchant usually sell these information for golds and sometimes the information are so little but quite helpful for newbies. In a single area you could spent almost 10k of gold just to reveal those information.

You can find the location of these merchant informants in the maps, the icon is like a newspaper or something and they’re usually inside the town of each countries, specifically in the market or plaza.

If you want to save your gold and just want to see what’s inside these tips information you can check the list of answers below.

Kingdom of Uraya, Garfont Village – Informant Matharie

Matharie can found in the Plaza of Reprieve, he is just in the south corner part of the map.

  • Increasing Affinity (900G) – Affinity will rise while Driver and Blade are in close proximity to each other.
  • Boosting Arts (450G) – Spend WP to boost Arts. You can earn WP by using the right type of weapon.
  • Acquiring Skills (360G) – Spend SP to learn skills. Earn SP on the battlefield (and elsewhere).
  • Learning New Ideas (1,080G) – To learn more ideas, you’ll need to foster your Blade and help them grow.
  • Heart-to-Heart Hints (720G) – You might get a hint about the location of Heart-to-Hearts when staying at inns.
  • Element Orbs (810G) – Three hits will break an element orb. Opposite elements hits count as two.
  • Breaking Element Orbs (900G) – You can extend a Chain Attack round by breaking an element orb.
  • Combo Request (810G) – A flashing Blade icon means a combo is ready, but not with the current Blade.
  • Shacking Drivers (810G) – A shacked Driver cannot attack or switch Blades.
  • Enemy Reinforcements (900G) – Some enemies call in support when HP is low. Stop them with a Driver Combo!

Gormott Province, Torigoth – Informant Turuni

Informant Turuni can be found in the Torigith market, in Gormott Province and he is hiding besides the building.

  • Maximum Affinity (810G) – Levels for Driver Arts and Specials will be raised by one at maximum Affinity.
  • Utilizing the Elements (900G) – Fire and Water, Earth and Electricity, Wind and Ice, Light and Dark…
  • Affinity Benefits (720G) – As Affinity increases in battle, both Driver and Blade will grow stronger.
  • Ambushing Enemies (810G) – Attack an enemy unawares, from the rear, for a chance of an ambush.
  • Hidden Landmarks (540G) – Secret Areas are hidden landmarks. You should look for them everywhere.
  • Number of Arts (630G) – Drivers can learn four Arts per weapon, and choose from three in battle.
  • Core Chips (720G) – Certain Core Chips will activate special abilities.
  • Getting Core Chips (810G) – Some monsters will drop special Core Chips when defeated.
  • Type of Core Crystal (830G) – There are three grades of Core Crystal: Common, Rare, and Legendary.
  • Blade Switch (900G) – Increase Trust, and the time between Blade Switches will go down.

Empire of Mor Ardain, Alba Cavanich – Informant Durmagh

When you reach Mor Ardain in the main story, you can easily find this guy on the corner near Kedeigh Gate.

  • An Ardainian Recipe (900G) – A recipe for Tricolor Bowl. Expands Pyra’s cooking repertoire.
  • Sealing Effects (990G) – Complete a Blade Combo route to seal off an enemy’s special moves.
  • Driver Combos (900G) – Driver Combos are not very effective on some enemies. Sometimes not at all!
  • Driver Class (729G)- A Driver’s class is determined by the Blades accompanying them.
  • Raising Trush (900G) – If you reach max Affinity with a Blade in combat, your Trust Level will increase.
  • Benefits of Smashing (1,080G) – You might get Gold or items when you land of Smash on an enemy.
  • Crystal Fortunes (900G) – The higher the quality, the more chance a Core Crystal will yield or rare Blade.
  • Chain Attack Secrets (990G) – Defeating a foe with a Chain Attack will more than double your reward.
  • Merc Rewards 1 (810G) – Completing Merc Missions can be a good way to boost the Affinity Chart.
  • Merc Rewards 2 (900G) – Sending Blades on Merc Missions is a good way to build Trust.
  • Greedy Monster (9,000G) – A monster that ate a famed Driver has been seen in Chansagh Wastes.

Argentum Trade Guild, Goldmouth – Informant 

That’s it! When you have lots of gold don’t forget to purchase those Information to make the countries progress complete.


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