How to Get Perceval Rare Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2

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Getting this Rare Blade Perceval in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is a game of luck, but you can acquire this rare blade using a Common Core Crystal, Rare Core Crystal, or a Legendary Core Crystal. Perceval is one of the best Tanker in the battle and if you obtain this blade in early game you’ll have a nice advantage in the upcoming main story by maxing out its affinity abilities.

How to Get Perceval Rare Blade

Try stocking up a lot of Common Core Crystal like 50 pieces of it. Then bound this Common Core Crystal to Driver Nia, which will give you a lot of chances of bonding this rare blades. We don’t suggest adding a booster as this is only applies to Generic blades that you get. But if you really wanted to, try adding a Justice Booster.

Here is the complete stats detail of Rare Blade Perceval:

  • Type: Dark
  • Role: TNK
  • Weapon: Katana
  • Affinity Chart: 44
  • Blade Arts: Critical Up (Increases critical hit rate)

Percival Special

  • Dark Serpent – Attack by spraying out dark ether.
  • Blade Vortex – At the moment of movement, perform quick draw cuts at visible speed.
  • Grim Moon – Adopt a quick draw pose, then in an instant slash all enemies in range.
  • Demon Quadrant – Mow down the enemy with 3 strikes, then finish with an almighty slice.

Percival Battle Skills

  • Eater of Men Lv 1 – Increase damage dealt for each enemy incapacitated by 90% (max: 300%).
  • Soulsucker Lv 1 – Restores 45% HP each time an enemy is defeated.

Percival Field Skills

  • Dark Master – The power of Dark Blade.
  • Assassination – Judge and punish those who do evil. Skill exclusive of Perceval.

You may also check how we get Perceval Rare Blade using a Common Core Crystal below.

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