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Everwing New Prismatic Homing Abilities

With everwing’s new updates. A new breed of sidekick has been also released this includes the very unique Mythic sidekick dragon Pharis, it has a new glowing emblem in its avatar that adds powerful aura for your sidekick dragons. Pharis also holds the abilities of Prismatic Homing, where this guided fireball will hit the enemies anywhere they’re are plus a prismatic effect where it changes the fireball types depending on the boss weakness.

The updates also include additional boss weakness, where the boss can easily defeated depending on its element. If a boss is an ice boss, its weakness is the fire. The prismatic homing however will give you more abilities [...]

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Everwing New Epic Sidekick Dragon Rumi, Roma and Rochelais

The other remaining new set of sidekick dragon in Everwing is the Rochelais a pharaohs bird like where it’s specialty same with other dragon, its +40 additional reach to gold, gems and items. And the difference with this sidekick is it has 25% chance of getting treasure chests for you to get more gems and achieve high score in single game. My observation when using Epic dragon with Arcana it has different specialties, this time it summons gems instead of high power waves that destroy enemies.

The first evolution of this sidekick is called Rumi, a cute bird that has cover on his head. It’s damage when reach level 10 is up to 52. In the game it fires a straight [...]

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Everwing New Mythic Sidekick Dragon Pharis, Pharion and Pharocius

Everwing release 6 new dragon in the Everwing and a new class called Mythic dragon where it has awesome aura effect on it’s avatar and much more powerful than Legendary, BossRaid and Rare Dragon. The new dragon that possess the mythical power is the new sidekick Pharocius. Pharocius has an ultimate reach for the gem, gold and other items in the game at additional +40 Item reach, It creates a massive damage to the bosses as well at +50 damage and its prismatic homing attack where the fireballs has a rainbow like effect and its very fast.

On its first evolution, It’s name is Pharis a cute lion egyption pharaoh, it has a damage of 62 at level 10 more powerful than [...]

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Everwing Sidekick New Legendary Dragon Heros, Havanna and Hartumas

Everwing has a new set of sidekick dragons and this includes the legendary Cat dragon called Hartumas. Based from an ancient Egyptian cats, it has abilities to get items easily by its +40 item reach and got more chance of getting gem in treasure chests.

It’s first evolution is Heros, it has a minimum damage of 56 when it reach level 10. It’s avatar is cutie kitten with green little eyes, It also has a golden wing when you play heros in the game.

Its second evolution is Havanna, reaching level 20 will give you 95 damage. The avatar of Havanna is a grown up cat with its nice golden reddish tails and when you play it during the game it’s wing is [...]