Everwing Sidekick New Legendary Dragon Sar, Anga and Sarangay

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Everwing updated the official name of its new legendary dragon to Sarangay from recently named as Tikbalang based from the source code. It is a mythical creature Half bull, human and dragon or in the Philippines, its called “Tikbalang”. The power of Sarangay is it can fires 2 deadly bullets that will follow the enemies, making sure it takes a hit whenever you’re in the gameplay. From its description “Unleashes two deadly monster-seeking bullets. Yikes.”.

On its first hatch and evolution, this dragon is called Sar. It has a minimum damage of 36 in its max level of 10.

To its second evolution, he is now Anga and there’s a little changes on its looks in the gameplay and a grown up Sar. The bullets is now bigger and its minimum damage reach up to 61 damage on its max level of 20.

On its last evolution, he is now finally called Sarangay. Where there is radical change on its looks and way better now, it’s wing is now colored red and a Philippine’s Sun on it’s back. Ofcourse, its fireball are now bigger which damage up to 79, on its max level of 30.

How to get Sarangay on Everwing? Well, you can get Sarangay on hatching a Legendary Dragon Egg which cost 3500 trophies.

To max the full potential of Sarangay, you can pair and evolve this dragon to different type of Zodiac that you can earn bonuses and reach its max damage of 126.

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