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Nintendo Switch HORI Joy-Con Soft-Type Cover Review

Most concern of some Nintendo Switch fans in adding Soft-Type cover to their Joy-Con controller is that some reports claims that it thus damage the matte finish of their Joy-Con. Well this reports is somehow true but it depends on the brands and type of plastic they’re using. We tried the HORI soft-type cover and use it on a brand new Joy-Con and we didn’t see any damage or discoloration on it after days of using, so using Soft-Type cover won’t really damage your Joy-Con and it help you preserve the matte finish of your Joy-Con from its brand-new looks. The Soft cover we’re using is from HORI that is made in a very soft plastic. You can grab it at a very low [...]

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Nintendo Switch Unboxing Leak Video

A video uploaded today the world’s first unboxing video of the Nintendo Switch, this is two weeks before the official released date. It was an image first and was uploaded on Twitter by Wario64 showing the Nintendo Switch Box and the unit. Then just now, A video shows up in NeoGAF and uploaded by a user named hiphoptherobot saying the pre-ordered Nintendo Switch was accidentally delivered to him earlier by an unnamed company.

In the early leak of Nintendo Switch, it was first uploaded some few screenshot of the unit in Twitter and lot’s of fans saying it was just a 3D printed unit and not accurate, but this time it will change that as the world’s [...]

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FC Pocket Classic 8 Bit Game Unboxing and Review

If you’re looking for an alternative and affordable NES game console, this FC Pocket is best for you! The price for this portable console family computer starts at $20 on ebay or P999 on Lazada, it comes with 1 cartridge which have 128 games and 700 Mah battery that will last for 4 to 5 hours of continues gameplay. Check out our unboxing video below.

You can select up to 2 languages Chinese and English. Unfornately the game cartridge I received doesn’t have the classic NES game either Super Mario or Contra – the 128 games included on the cartridge are quite new and not so popular. The one game that is familiar is to me is only the baseball game, but the game [...]

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Unboxing NES Classic Edition

The new (Nintendo Entertainment System) NES Classic Edition had released this month, the new version is the mini-sized version of NES console it is very small and you can actually grip it with your hands, it includes pre-installed 30 classic NES games like Super Mario Bros, Metroid, PacMan, Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, Kirby’s Adventure and more.. The controller is also based from the original NES Controller, where it features Control Pad, A and B buttons and SELECT and START buttons for menu selection and pausing games.

The ports includes an HDMI out, DC input and 2 customize ports for controllers. It also has the Power and Reset button.

You can watch the [...]