Nintendo Switch Unboxing Leak Video

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A video uploaded today the world’s first unboxing video of the Nintendo Switch, this is two weeks before the official released date. It was an image first and was uploaded on Twitter by Wario64 showing the Nintendo Switch Box and the unit. Then just now, A video shows up in NeoGAF and uploaded by a user named hiphoptherobot saying the pre-ordered Nintendo Switch was accidentally delivered to him earlier by an unnamed company.

In the early leak of Nintendo Switch, it was first uploaded some few screenshot of the unit in Twitter and lot’s of fans saying it was just a 3D printed unit and not accurate, but this time it will change that as the world’s first unboxing of Nintendo Switch just uploaded on the Internet.

Since that, a video hosting website FloKo secured a copy of the world’s first unboxing video and showed the full package and the contents of the Nintendo Switch, including the menus and all. For now, there is no gameplay uploaded yet.

Nintendo has no official comment yet on this leaked video, but the question is will they take a legal action with this matter?

You can check out the video below.

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