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Fellow Gamers! Rakk Gears is introducing it’s brand new and unique gaming desk that lets you elevate your gaming rigs and lift it with a touch of a button. It’s their latest RAKK Mabi and RAKK Mabi XT Gaming Desk.

The RAKK Mabi Gaming Desk has a maximum height of 120cm or 3.93 feet, which is enough to support playing games while you’re standing and a minimum height of 74cm or 2.42 feet, which is ideal to support various gaming chair. The desk can also support up to 150kg of maximum load which you can put all of your gaming rigs from the Monitors, CPU, Speakers and Printers. You can even sleep on this desk without risking of damaging it, see the video below.

Touch Control and USB port, the RAKK Mabi XT has an excellent touch control menu which you can control the Mabi’s height, and it has an LED indicator that lets you see its current height. Plus a dedicated USB 2.0 port for charging your mobile phones.

Clean wires, you can organize your wire in RAKK Mabi using its wire hole and wire organizer underneath the table.

You can watch the durability test of the product on the video below.

[arve url=”https://www.facebook.com/rakk.ph/videos/1850832321807200/”/]


  • Width: 124cm
  • Upper Length: 62cm
  • Lower Length: 65cm
  • Maximum Height: 120cm
  • Minimum Height: 74cm
  • Lifting speed: 2cm/s
  • Lifting height: 73cm to 119cm
  • Suitable for crowd height: 150cm to 190cm
  • Maximum Load: 150kg

For the prices, the RAKK MABI XT is priced at PHP 13,500 or $269 and the RAKK MABI is PHP 7,995 or $159.

The table will be available in March 1, 2017, you can purchase this gaming desk by visiting their official Facebook page fb.com/rakk.ph/.

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