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Champ Wired Gaming Pad Review and Unboxing

If you’re looking for an affordable Gaming Controllers for your Android Devices, this Champ Wired Gaming Pad is the right for you! The price tag for this game controller is just $10 or PHP499.00 and you can bought it online store at Lazada, Kimstore or eBay. Not just for Android Phones, it also works on PC, PS3 and XBOX consoles, Unfornately not compatible in iOS.

The difference with Champ Wired Gaming Pad with other game controller is that it has its own phone holder that will allow you to just insert your phone in the Pad and voila you’re like playing in a handled game consoles.

The buttons in the controller are using the same layout with the [...]

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Samsung 960 EVO SSD (500GB) NVMe M.2 Review and Unboxing

The new Samsung 960 EVO series is one of the Samsung’s best performance and budget consumer SSD in the market next from its predecessor 850 EVO which is SATA drive, this is also the first time Samsung release an EVO series for M.2 drives which holds the latest technology of Samsung the 3D V-NAND and Polaris Controller, it takes advantage of the PCI-e lane interface or M.2 port that give huge jump in speed and surpasses the speed of traditional SATA port as medium of storage. The advertise speed of this SSD are 1.8GB/s of write speed and 3.2GB/s of write this is times 4 compare to the speed of 850 EVO which only reach 550MB/s of read and write speed.

The reason [...]

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T-Force DDR4 Gaming DARK RAM 2400

TeamGroup Team new T-Force DDR4 Gaming Ram features an awesome aluminum knight armor heat-sink spreader – that will give your CPU a top notch armor style transformation, the armor heat spreader covers the front and the bottom on your DDR4 Ram, it has 4 plated heat-sink spreader, It also has a high quality IC chips that will work on 1.2V to 1.4 volts on ultra low working voltage. And supports an intel’s smart overclocking XMP 2.0.

The knight armor style heat spreader is compose of double layer heat-sink spreader that stops the heat from both sides and the top of the RAM and offer memory a better protection, longer life and performance.

It is powered [...]

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Sony’s New PS4 Controller Razer Raiju and Nacon Revolution

Sony announced their latest third party PS4 controllers from Razer and Nacon, the new controller is designed for eSports gaming according to its Playstation post Blog. This becomes possible after Sony contacted Razer and Nacon to build an eSports peripheral for the game console PS4.

The Razer Raiju looks very similar with XBOX Elite Edition, but with this new designed of controller for PS4 you will have a better grip and controls. It will got 2 additional bumbers and extra detachable triggers, build-in control panel for microphone, volume and etc.. It also has a custom preset profile that will enable you to switch in different settings, it comes with 3 meter [...]