Nintendo Switch HORI Joy-Con Soft-Type Cover Review

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Most concern of some Nintendo Switch fans in adding Soft-Type cover to their Joy-Con controller is that some reports claims that it thus damage the matte finish of their Joy-Con. Well this reports is somehow true but it depends on the brands and type of plastic they’re using. We tried the HORI soft-type cover and use it on a brand new Joy-Con and we didn’t see any damage or discoloration on it after days of using, so using Soft-Type cover won’t really damage your Joy-Con and it help you preserve the matte finish of your Joy-Con from its brand-new looks. The Soft cover we’re using is from HORI that is made in a very soft plastic. You can grab it at a very low price at P599 or $12.99.

HORI Joy-Con Soft-type cover comes in a simple plastic packaging that all written in Japanese language, we don’t know if there is an English version for this. It has no additional instruction manual but instead written on the back of the packaging, it only comes with the 2 soft-cover for Left and Right.

It’s very easy to apply in your Joy-Con, it just to wear on it and you don’t have to apply force that will damage your Joy-con. The black cover also adds great improvement on the looks of your Switch it matches in Gray, Red or Blue. The texture of the soft-cover is very soft, it feels great in the hand too. The things we don’t like is it easily catches dust and have to clean it everytime.

Performance and functionality, at first it is very hard to press some of the smaller buttons in the Joy-Con especially the minus, plus, screenshot and home button because of tiny holes and thickness of the soft-cover. But no worries! after hours of using it you will get to use on it and it didn’t bother anymore. At the back, you can still detach your controller because of its plastic button dedicated for it and it has a bump in the bottom for better grip when playing games and it protects your switch when placing it on any kind of surface.

This accessory is a must have for their Nintendo Switch, it not only protects the matte finish of your Joy-Con. It will also help you perform better in gaming for its additional grip and it adds a new make over to your Switch, plus it is very cheap for only 13 dollars.

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