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Watch Dogs 2 offers No Compromise DLC for FREE

Good news Hackers! The next DLC for Watch Dogs 2 the No Compromise DLC will pulled out from their store and offer it as free to everyone in all platforms (PS4, XBOX One or PC). No Compromise DLC will launch on April 18 for PlayStation and on May 18 on PC and XBOX One. This includes the showdown multiplayer game that has 3 kinds of competitive matches the Steal the HDD, Doomload and Erase/Protect the Servers.

The new DLC features a series of mission for Watch_Dogs 2 protagonist Marcus Holloway against the new villain in the game the Russian criminals. According to the Watch_Dogs 2’s live producer Kris Young, Ubisoft Montreal elected to make the new DLC free for [...]

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Watch Dogs 2 Game Review

A new character and a new story, that’s what Watch_Dogs 2 is all about. Set in the same world but with a separate story from the first game, in the beautiful city of San Francisco in the Bay Area is a young man named Marcus Holloway, a vigilante hacker and a member of DedSec. They are against the evildoings of the government that removes the privacy of each citizen with its statewide surveillance program CTOS. Different from the seriousness of the first game with Aiden Pierce, Watch_Dogs 2 has a story with a sense of humor. Because of its new character’s personality and the funny members of DedSec, it feels like you’re playing Saints Row The Third, and it’s an [...]

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How to Get Rare Weapons in Watch Dogs 2 (ASTG-12 & U100)

Unlocking rare weapons in Watch Dogs 2 will give you an advantage in Multiplayer game, especially killing the other players with your rare high-powered weapons. These weapons are unlockable in the middle of the game and you have to wait for the further mission to acquire these weapons, but there is a trick on that. Getting these weapons is very easy, and you’ve already encountered it while playing Watch Dogs 2.

The technique is by getting a 5 star or level police chase, the SWAT team will engaged you in combat, the first wave is a group of regular SWAT team equipped with a high-powered weapon, and the succeeding wave is fully armored SWAT team and usually powered [...]

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Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass Reveals Jordi Chin

A new information regarding the Season Pass of Watch Dogs 2, which reveals Jordi Chin of Watch Dogs 1, the Japanese assassin hired partner of Aiden Pierce and one of the supporting character in Watch Dogs 1. other than that the T-Bone content DLC of Watch Dogs 2 will also be scheduled to release on December 14, 2016 which features the protagonist actor Kenny Raymond. In addition to that a new coop story is also added on the season pass the No Compromise DLC.

The next season pass is set to released on 2017, which titles Human Condition and expected to have 3 different new story that includes Jordi Chin which one of the assassin hired partner of Aiden Pierce and a fixer [...]