How to Play Coop on Watch Dogs 2

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Finally, Watch Dogs 2 had released this month and available for PC and consoles, Watch Dogs 2 is a open-world, story-driven and non linear action adventure. The game is set in the future based San Francisco Bay Area and the protagonist of the game is Marcus Holloway, a young hacker who join the hacktivist DedSec to fight a corrupt system. The best feature of this game is it has a multiplayer coop game where you and your buddy can both play in the game, you can also join random players in the Watch Dogs 2.


How to Play Coop on Watch Dogs 2

  1. First open your in-game smartphone then go to Main Menu.
  2. Select the Multiplayer Application.
  3. From here, you can select Coop Invite or Matchmaking with Random Players.
  4. After that you can now start the mission with your friends.

Now you can play Watch Dogs 2 with your buddy or girlfriend and enjoy hacking the open world of Watch Dogs 2 and explore the city of San Francisco Bay Area. Watch Dogs 2 is available on Steam or uPlay for PC, Playstation 4 or Pro and XBOX ONE.



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