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Best Hotel to Check-In While in Dota 2 The Masters Manila

The much awaited Dota 2 tournament the Dota 2 Masters Manila is nearly 3 months away and you’ve probably spotting best hotel to check-in while you’re in Manila which is near the SM Mall Of Asia arena (MOA) and easy accessible to other establishment. We’re going to list the top 3 best hotel that you can try to check-in with good Wi-Fi connection,  good customer service and great amenities.

Lets start with our recommended hotel the Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila, just 3 to 5 minutes walking distance to SM MOA arena and to the SM mall itself, approximately 0.3km. This strategic place will save you a lot of taxi fare by just walking from to the Dota 2 [...]

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List of Ghost Recon Wildlands Beta Code Giveaway

If you’re looking for a FREE Beta key for Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands, we prepared the list of all websites which are giving away beta codes for the game. Ghost Recon Wildlands started sending beta keys for all people who joined the beta registration, and the beta will kick off tomorrow February 3, 2017 and up to February 5, 2017. Once you got the beta key, you will also get three more invite keys for your friends to invite them to the game and have a chance to play the four coop player game.

So, if you haven’t got a beta key see some of the lists below:

PCGamer is giving away 200 codes to their lucky readers. Codes will send out after [...]

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Mass Effect 2 is Now FREE on Origin (On The House)

Another free game for 2017, the one of the most popular FPS game Mass Effect 2 is now FREE on Origin from its On the House program. You will play the game as Commander Shepherd and lead the greatest galaxy fight against the invading Reapers. Mass Effect 2 was originally released January 23, 2010 with its developer BioWare.

You will get the standard edition of Mass Effect 2 which doesn’t include the bonus weapons, armors, sound track, digital art book and other free stuff included on the Digital Deluxe version of the game.

To redeem your FREE game just go ahead on Origin’s On the house page at [...]

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Best Deals for Z270 Motherboard for Kaby Lake Processor

With the new Kaby Lake processor and its low power consumption can now fully utilize the potential of overclocking that will exceed the 5GHz barrier. Of course you also need to have the Z270 motherboard in order to unlock its full potential.

Although the new processor is still compatible with the 100 series motherboard, the new 200 series motherboards offer new map configuration for your system fans and improved thermal sensors boards like the ASUS offer fan controls that automatically react to CPU temperatures. It also fully support and improved the M.2 drives which now provide much more greater speed compare to 100-series. Four more PCI-E lanes where it allows more [...]