How to Get Rare Weapons in Watch Dogs 2 (ASTG-12 & U100)

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Unlocking rare weapons in Watch Dogs 2 will give you an advantage in Multiplayer game, especially killing the other players with your rare high-powered weapons. These weapons are unlockable in the middle of the game and you have to wait for the further mission to acquire these weapons, but there is a¬†trick on that. Getting these weapons is very easy, and you’ve¬†already¬†encountered it while playing Watch Dogs 2.

The technique is by getting a 5 star or level police chase, the SWAT team will engaged you in combat, the first wave is a group of regular SWAT team equipped with a high-powered weapon, and the succeeding wave is fully armored SWAT team and usually powered with ASTG-12 Automatic Shotgun and U100 Machine Gun. This is the right time you will earn this weapon, to get this rare weapon, you have to kill the SWAT team and quickly grab their weapons. Once, you get the weapon it will automatically save in your inventory forever, it will only be gone once you drop it.

The only problem with 5-star police chase is it’s very hard to stay alive, and the armored SWAT team will appear after 3 to 4 minutes, so you have to survive until they appear. Also a note there are two types of SWAT team, the regular and the fully armored, what we need is the armored SWAT team. Although we also need the regular SWAT team’s weapon to kill the Armored SWAT team quickly.¬†Now, what you¬†need to do is – you have to go to any SHOP either Clothing Shop, Restaurant or Coffee Shop, make sure to find an excellent place for cover – you need this to kill them quickly and¬†to heal yourself.¬†If you’re not successful, you are free to try again until you get the weapon you need.

See our step by step instruction below or watch our video on the bottom of this post.

How to Get ASTG-12 and U100 Weapon:

  1. Position near a Shop (Clothing Shop, Restaurant, Coffee Shop)
  2. Make a noise and reach 5 star police chase.
  3. Now go and cover inside the Shop.
  4. Wait until the armored SWAT team arrives.
  5. Now, kill the armored SWAT team and grab their weapons.
  6. Usually SWAT team drops either ASTG-12 and U100.

For the Chopper with Sniper weapon. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to get that weapon.

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