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Complete List of Shop Deeds in Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Guide

The Store or Shop Deeds is one of the key item when you play Xenoblade Chronicles 2, it contains a lot of additional abilities and upgrades to your character. Getting all of this deeds will probably make your character untouchable and stronger to defeat your enemies. But of course, you cannot get instantly these deeds because it requires you to reach certain level or by completing certain merc mission, which you have to complete first before obtaining it.

As you progress in the game, you will eventually able to unlock shops after finishing a side mission. It is a challenging process, but the additional upgrades you’ll get after completing a mission is beneficial [...]

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EA Steam Games like Bad Company 2 can be Activated on Origin

Did you know that selected EA steam games that you purchase from Steam can also be activated on Origin. When it’s your first time to install and play an EA steam games like the Battlefield Bad Company 2, a CD Key activation window will pop up on the screen saying “This is your activation key for Battlefield: Bad Company 2. You will need to enter this key after the application has launched. Write the key down or press the ‘Copy to clipboard’ button now.“, And a list of keys is listed, including the base game and the DLC’s. These CD-keys are actually an Origin keys, which you can also activate in Origin.

Some of the games that are redeemable [...]

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Look The ASUS ROG Limited Edition Assassins Creed Origins GTX 1080 Ti

Popular youtuber JackFrags got a first hand to the ASUS ROG Assassin’s Creed Origin GTX 1080 Ti and uploaded some live pics of this rare graphics card. This is the first GTX 1080 Ti card dedicated for Assassin’s Creed Origins, only 500 of these will be being made and you’re lucky enough if you got one.

The GTX 1080 Ti box is covered with a nice AC team pictures and it comes with a FREE Assassin’s Creed Origins Uplay key. As stated in the box the key is valid until March 2018.

The box protector is also embedded with an Assassin’s Creed emblems and its gold logos.

Logo’s of Asus, Assassins creed can also been in [...]

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GTA Online: SMUGGLER’S RUN Now Available… Plus T-Shirt Unlocks, Contests and More

Ever been told the sky is the limit? Well, not anymore. It’s time to elevate your criminal empire, taking your assets and your profits in the only direction left to go: straight up. Welcome to GTA Online: Smuggler’s Run.


The smuggling business is full of opportunities and a brand new Hangar is just the starting point you need. So, get yourself logged into the Free Trade Shipping Co app with the help of Nervous Ron, acquire the cargo – from high demand narcotics to fine jewelry – and make the sale to eager buyers awaiting your air-dropped delivery.

For more on Smuggler’s Run, including details on 7 new aircraft – everything from [...]