Biggest Update of Clash of Clans in History Ever! The Aggressive Electro Titan is Coming!

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The richest revised content of Clash of Clans in history is here! It is the Town Hall level 15, which players around the world have been long waiting for. This time the game theme is based on the mysterious and low-profile purple color, mixing with the luxurious gold and triangle design elements. Thoughtful surprises of design can be found everywhere in the game. Chief! Let’s check out the surprises in the updated game! The big updates this time include the unlocked upgrades of building technology, and more new buildings, spells, siege machines, as well as Hero Pets — Frosty, Diggy, Poison Lizard and Phoenix. Last but not least, the brand new troop Electro Titan will show up!

Town Hall Level 15 is here! The richest update content in history ever!

This time the game is based on the theme “Magic” and the mysterious and powerful Town Hall 15 base will be unveiled. Magic will be omnipresent in the brand new building level, hero appearance, troop level and many more contents. Let’s check out what the new Town Hall 15 base can bring to boost combat capability of your clan!

Level Limits Unlocked

Building/Defense Level – When you’ve upgraded your Town Hall to level 15, you’ll also unlock numerous upgrades for your Home Village. The following Buildings and Defenses can be upgraded once your Town Hall is level 15.

Hero Level – When you’ve upgraded your Town Hall to level 15, each hero can upgrade extra 5 levels.

Super Troop – When you’ve upgraded part of your general troops, the combat points of the corresponding super troops will also grow.

New Defenses: Spell Tower & Monolith

Spell Tower – As Spell Tower is leveled, it becomes imbued with different Spells, allowing you to select which Spell it will cast while defending your base. Starting at level 1, Spell Tower will cast Rage Spell to boost nearby Defenses and units. Level 2 allows you to set Spell Tower to launch Poison Spell at nearby enemies, and Level 3 will cast Invisibility – allowing nearby defensive units and buildings to be temporarily concealed.

Monolith – This tank killing Defense is so sinister, it’s constructed and upgraded with Dark Elixir. Even its brooding presence leaves a dark stain on the world around it. While its origins may be mysterious, its ability to wreak havoc on attacking forces leaves no doubt as to its effectiveness. Though Monolith will deal a base level amount of damage per shot, each shot also does additional bonus damage based on a percentage of its target’s max hit points making Monolith incredibly dangerous against high HP units such as tanks or Heroes.

New Spell: Recall Spell

This is a new spell that completely affects the battles! Once the previous units or heroes determine the point of attack, they will advance all the way to the enemy clan till the last minute. But after this epoch-making spell is used on the battlefield, battles will never be the same again!

When Recall Spell is used, it will remove units from the battlefield where they can be redeployed elsewhere. Whether it’s to save them from a lethal enemy defense or to send your units into battle from another position, recalled units can be redeployed as a group at the leaders’ discretion.

New Siege Machine: Battle Drill

When the horn of siege sounds, a new powerful assistant “Battle Drill” will come! It will burrow beneath the ground in order to avoid being detected by enemy defenses. When Battle Drill surfaces to attack the nearest enemy defense, it will stun its target for 2 seconds, which is a nightmare for enemy’s village defense technology. If used properly, it can help defeat the enemy’s base quickly!

New Hero Pets: Frosty, Diggy, Poison Lizard and Phoenix!

The Hero Pet House has 4 new levels. Observant players may even find that each time they level up, a different appearance will be shown, meaning players have unlocked a new, different hero pet. Currently, there are 8 Hero Pets that can be combined with the hero freely, allowing players to have more choices according to attacking strategies.

1. Frosty

This chilly companion will slow down enemies with his icy breath. Meanwhile, Frostmites – hitchhiking balls of ice – will occasionally jump off and attack enemy defenses to slow them down as well.

  • Favorite target: Within 4.5 tiles of Hero
  • Damage type: Single Target (slows down defenses)
  • Targets: Ground & Air

2. Diggy

This shy creature will burrow underground beside his Hero and will pop up to stun and attack nearby defenses. Should Diggy’s Hero be taken out during battle, Diggy will go in search of a new Hero to bond himself to.

  • Favorite Target: Hero’s Target
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground

3. Poison Lizard

Imagine Poison Lizard as your Hero’s own personal Headhunter bodyguard. It spits toxic chemicals as a lightning fast ranged attack that deals Poison damage to defending Heroes and Troops, slowing them down. If no enemy units are nearby, Poison Lizard will assist its Hero in attacking targeted Buildings. Buildings are not affected by Poison Lizard’s slowing effect. And yes, we know it’s ‘venom’ but we think ‘poison’ sounds cooler.

  • Favorite Target: Heroes and Troops
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air

4. Phoenix

What at first may seem like an insignificant egg that follows your Hero around, Phoenix will emerge as a foul-tempered fiery feathered friend when her Hero is about to be knocked out. Phoenix revives herself and her Hero under a temporary shield of invulnerability. Once the shield expires, the Hero will be knocked out but Phoenix will continue to fight on.

New Troop: Electro Titan

Finally comes the brand new troop “Electro Titan”! Her crackling fist and phosphorescent eyes are not simply to illuminate her surroundings. Electro Titan lashes out at enemies with a short-ranged whip that can target both ground and air units. However, it’s her special ability to cause devastation around her that makes her even more dangerous. Electro Titan emits an area of effect aura that will continually damage everything – defenses, air, and ground units.

  • Favorite Target: Any
  • Damage Type: Single Target
  • Targets: Ground & Air
  • Training Time: 6m
  • Housing Space: 32

The biggest update in history boasts rich content. The official website will have complete update data, and the details of activities during that period will be released along with game updates, including bug fixes, balance adjustments and more detailed and interesting content! Don’t forget to check out the recently released Clash On! Keep an eye on the official Facebook fan group and the official YouTube channel of Clash of Clans, to find out all the latest and most complete information. Let’s get ready for the clan war of the new era!

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