How to Capture or Tame Familiar in Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds

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Aside from the Gacha roll and hatching, you can also obtain these adorable pet through the wild by using a taming item. The chances of getting 4-star Familiars are very slim; however, you can easily capture 1-star to 3-star pets. This guide provides tips on how to obtain and use Familiars to make your daily grind more efficient.


  1. Where to get Taming Items (Biscuit)
  2. How to Tame Familiar
  3. How to Level up Familiar
  4. Evolving Familiar (Rank Up)
  5. Enhancing Familiar (Get Daily Jellies)
  6. Awakening Familiar

Where to get Taming Items (Biscuit)

In order to tame a Familiar, you will need to obtain a taming item called a biscuit. Obtaining biscuits can be done through quest rewards, collectibles, or shops.

To obtain Familiar Food, the easiest way is from the Basic Shop > Adventure Items. You can get up to 30 pieces per week, which is enough to feed up to 30 familiars.

You can then select one of the 7 types of biscuits that you can use to tame specific Familiars.

Once you have a biscuit, go to the wild and hunt.

How to Tame Familiars

First, you need to find Brighterfly, you can find these on any maps. They are often found near other monsters.

Just go near to it and press the Hand icon.

Your character will play their taming music, revealing the familiar. You will need to feed the familiar its respective taming item until it becomes successful. So bring plenty of biscuit variant when you go catching.

If the catching process is unsuccessful, you will not be able to obtain the Familiar. However, if successful, you will be able to catch the new Familiar to your collection.

Below is also a quick video walkthrough for capturing Familiar.

How to Level Up Familiar

You can level up the Familiar to the maximum level of 30 by consuming level up materials:

  • Unused Familiars or Beans
  • Gold

It is more beneficial to capture Familiars as part of your daily routine to gain more level up materials, and you will earn more level up points if you consume Familiars with the same element and higher star rating into your main Familiar.

Caution: Do not use the same Familiar on leveling up, you need it for Awakening.

Evolving Familiar (Rank Up – Earn Star Level)

For your Familiar to evolve and rank up, it must reach the maximum level of 30. However, once your Familiar is evolved, it will return to level 1.

Enhancing Familiar (Get Daily Jellies)

To enhance your Familiars, you will need to use a Jelly and a Territe currency (You can get this from doing dailies quest). Enhancing will allow you to increase its ATK (Stretchy Jelly), DEF (Tough Jelly) and HP (Fluffy Jelly).

Jellies can be obtained by releasing the Familiar you currently have. However, not all Familiars have a chance of dropping a Jelly.

The following is a list of the drop rates for each Familiar:

  • 3-Star Familiar: 40% Chance Jelly Drop
  • 2-Star Familiar: 10% Chance Jelly Drop
  • 1-Star Familiar: 0% Chance Jelly Drop

You can also get a daily Jellies from your Kingdom (Guild). Just head to General Store Manager and buy the daily Jelly.

  • Stretchy Jelly – 30 Gilder (1 per day)
  • Tough Jelly – 30 Gilder (1 per day)
  • Fluffy Jelly – 30 Gilder (1 per day)

There are also other sources you can get Jellies from quest rewards and events.

Awakening Familiar

For awakening Familiars, you just need to consume the same unused Familiar to awaken it. You can Awaken Familiar up to Tier 10.

That’s it! Hope this simple guide help you catch your own Familiar in the wild and unlocking its full potentials!

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