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If you recently purchase the newest Steam Mini Profile on steam at the Points Shop, you’re probably curious where to see these Mini-profile as you didn’t get the result after checking out your steam profile. Well, this mini-profile is shown every-time your friend check out your profile from their friend list, comment section or from the chat box.

Example of Mini-Profile Background

If you’d like an example Steam Profile background, you can simply visit your Steam Profile.

Then, hover your profile picture.

It will then show your mini-profile, showing the background that you recently purchased and applied.

You can also check out this Mini-Profile from any Avatar hover from the following pages:

  • Friend-list
  • Comments
  • Reviews
  • Community Discussion
  • Currator
  • Chat
  • Market
  • Activity

Where to Purchase Steam Mini Profile Background

You can purchase a Steam Mini-profile background from the Points Shop.

Each of the background are cost around 2,000 Points. And currently, there are only 13 Steam Backgrounds that are available on Steam.

Here are the following:

Mini-Profile BackgroundCost
Starry Night Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Black Hole Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Ink Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Oceanside Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Deep Sea Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Bedroom Scene Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Jelly Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Car Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Relaxing Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Bunnies Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Marbles Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Chess Mini-Profile2,000 Points
Matriochki Mini-Profile2,000 Points

That’s it! So far, what is the best Steam Mini-Profile you like to purchase? Let us know in the comment section.

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