Valve Steam Chat Mobile is now in Google and iOS

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A new application from Valve is now available in Mobile for Google and iOS, their very own Steam Chat. It is a free app that let you chat your steam friends without using your desktop, the only missing with the app is it doesn’t have a voice chat yet.

Valve announced on Monday evening, “Steam Chat mobile app is a modernized Steam Chat experience available for free on iOS and Android platforms.”

The new app can also be use as a companion app while playing multiplayer games like receiving steam invite, coordination in the game and other stuff. It is similar the Facebook Messenger, but this one is dedicated for gaming and for gaming buddies.

Group chat is also available in the app, you can form a group where you can stay in touch with your friends for organizing a game or for events.

However, the Voice chat is not yet available in app which is one of the important features for game coordination, but Valve promises that they’re working on it. They say “We’re already working on improvements to the Steam Chat app, including voice chat,”.

Steam Chat is now available in Google Play for Android and App Store for iOS.

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