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Download Ragnarok Online Mobile English Patch

Good news to all Ragnarok Online Mobile players! After long months of waiting, there is now an English patch for the Ragnarok Online Mobile Games. But it comes from a 3rd party source and from a translation community. So we may not recommend you to download this patch, download at your own risk.

Although, the translation team behind this patch are trusted peeps. They are the people behind many online guides in Facebook groups and pages. They help non-Chinese-speaking community translates Ragnarok’s game quest, tips, item name, monster name, and missions then they post the translation online. But this time they automate the process and put in one patch, so all of their [...]

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Get FREE Gift Codes on Ragnarok Online Mobile

Another Good News to all Ragnarok players! Today is giving away free gift codes for you to loot’s and it’s for everyone! The coupon code will redeem you the following items: a box of Welfare Package Exchange, Skill Book, Monster fall, Headdress Information, Weapon Production Table, Web Exchange and other stuff. Notes these names are just translated in Google Translate. After you successfully redeemed all of the gift codes, you should receive a mail in the game and when you check your game inventory you should see the following items in the picture above. So How to Get this FREE loots for your Ragnarok Online Mobile Character? First, you have to go to this link [...]

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Ragnarok Online Mobile Version 1.0.2 Changelog Update

Good news to all Ragnarok players! A new patch update for Ragnarok Online Mobile has been live in TapTap, the size of the update is 568mb, the new changes includes game fixes, UI improvements and new services like photo sharing.

See the full patch notes / changelog below, this are translated from Chinese to English using Google Translate.

February 28 update Announcement:

Content Update:

Add Japanese CV dubbing, you can switch the language in the game settings, for adventure, manual guide and NPC. Optimize open screen announcement UI, become wider and higher is more suitable for reading. In order to protect the new developments in the beta, the South [...]
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How to Play and Create Ragnarok Online Mobile Account

If you already installed Ragnarok Online Mobile on your Android devices, this step will guide you how to play and create an account for the game. Before anything else, be sure to always enable Unknown sources installation from your Android settings, this will make sure that the update will not be interrupted that leads to stuck on the loading screen of the game. Now, we are ready to play the game.

Follow our instruction below:

First, open your Ragnarok Online Mobile app and download the required update for the game. The update usually takes about 15 to 30 minutes. Initially, it will display 7/7 total of downloads. If you’re stuck forever in the loading screen, [...]