How to Translate Ragnarok Online Mobile Chinese to English

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If you’ve already been playing the Ragnarok Online Mobile and clueless about the game because you’re not able read Chinese language text and playing the game is quite difficult, and you’ve probably missed a lot of instruction how to complete the game quest. To fixed this language barrier, there is an alternative way to translate this Chinese characters into English using the on-screen Google Translate that will help you understand the different instruction and important items in the game, but it takes a couple of steps to do it.

Then, Check our step by step guide for setting up the On-Screen Google Translate:

  • Open Google Translate.
  • Go to Menu, then go to Settings.
  • Then Tap to Translate.
  • Then enable the Enable Tap to Translate.
  • After that, open Google Now app.
  • Then open Menu, then go to Settings.
  • Now find Screen search and open it.
  • Lastly, enable the “Asks Google to show you info related to what’s on your screen when you hold the Home button or search by voice.”

Our settings for Google Translate and Google are now set, we can now open the Ragnarok Online Mobile and do the on-screen translation.

To activate the translation, you just have to hold the Home button from your phone. Then the Google screen will appear, click the 3 Dots (menu) on the bottom side of the screen, then click Translate. After that, it will show you a screen cap of the translation. Well, you have to do this every time you want to translate Chinese characters from the game, and this is the only way to help you translate the language to English.

Note: The on-screen Google Translate efficiently work on black and white background with clear text, other Chinese characters like in the buttons and menus will not work.

The English version of the Ragnarok Online Mobile is not yet released worldwide, and there is no official announcement yet when will it be. For the meantime you can use this alternative fixed, to play the game.

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  • Benjamin Geller February 5, 2018 6:34 am

    Any idea if I can do this on iOS?


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