Ragnarok Online Mobile Version 1.0.2 Changelog Update

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Good news to all Ragnarok players! A new patch update for Ragnarok Online Mobile has been live in TapTap, the size of the update is 568mb, the new changes includes game fixes, UI improvements and new services like photo sharing.

See the full patch notes / changelog below, this are translated from Chinese to English using Google Translate.

February 28 update Announcement:

Content Update:

  1. Add Japanese CV dubbing, you can switch the language in the game settings, for adventure, manual guide and NPC.
  2. Optimize open screen announcement UI, become wider and higher is more suitable for reading.
  3. In order to protect the new developments in the beta, the South Gate activities are temporarily closed.
  4. Adjust the activities of Valentine’s Day props [Friendship Chocolate], [Bitter Chocolate] and [B Grid Cat Cocoa Beans] is now available in shop props.
  5. Adjust the skills of [Play Dead] effect, maintenance and action [sit down] are now restore to same effect.

Fixed Problem:

  1. Correction [Ghost Girl] and [Ghost Fire] to join the adventure game, from the outskirts of the ancient city of the Aili Children amendment to Fayang Cave 1F Aili Children to open.
  2. Repair limited special code and activated after the game did not increase the experience.
  3. Fix the number of images problem after the loss of photos.
  4. Fixed the problem of changing the interface of the interface.
  5. Repair part of the strange head like the wrong question.
  6. Repair the “mouth” equipment display abnormal problems.
  7. Repair when more than people kill BOSS, the system message within the players only show a ‘my performance’ no other text shows the problem.
  8. Repair “evil ritual” task part of the players can not see the NPC “Lai Na Na” problem.
  9. Repair the friendship of the card can not get the problem.
  10. Fix private chat to send an exception Error.
  11. Repair monster [half a dragon] AI skills cast not cause the problem of weakening the property
  12. Repair [green berets] attributes and size in the field and copy inconsistent problems.
  13. Repair monster skills [violent] abnormal nature of the problem, after the maintenance of Mini and MVP BOSS violent attributes will increase with the level.
  14. Repair skills [angel blessing] effective range of the problem, the effective range from 3M to 9M consistent with the skills described.
  15. Fix the problem when the property is still in effect on the wrong field.
  16. Repair cast skills [Falcon assault] and some other skills will lead to only damage the value of the show without actual damage to the problem.

New Client Updates:

  1. Add photo sharing.
  2. Add a new black screen mode.
    • Set the new “power saving black screen” option switch.
    • When the player stops operating on the screen for more than 2 minutes after entering the power saving mode.
    • By reducing the screen brightness, effects, models and other effects to reduce the consumption of energy savings, as long as the screen again to exit the power saving mode.

A Bonus:

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