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Good news to all Ragna players! Ragnarok Online Mobile is now officially out in China! Available in Android and iOS devices, anyone can download the game and play but unfortunately, it’s in Chinese language.

Ragnarok was one of the most popular MMORPG game around the world, it was first released in South Korea on 2002  and later it was launch in the Philippines by LevelUpGames, the game became a number 1 hit online game in the Philippines, because of its unique leveling system and interaction between players – especially the PVP, selling and looting craft cards. Originally the online game is a Pay to Play, where you have to load your account with a game time in order to play the game, game time usually cost around 50 Pesos for 8 hours of gameplay.

Now is the major comeback of Ragnarok and you can play it straight to your mobile devices for FREE, the game is an improved version of the Original Ragnarok, it is a full 3d reproduction of all game characters, npc, maps and monster. The music and characters surely bring the NOSTALGIA feeling. The game is initially out in China, so all interface are in Chinese text.

How to Download the Ragnarok Online Mobile

First download the TapTap app, an app store like in China at (, just click the Android Icon to download the APK.

Once downloaded, install the APK and open TapTap then search for RO (As of now the game is featured in their homepage, so just click it) and download the game.

For other instruction, go to this link on How to Play and Create your first RO account:

Are you playing this game? What is the highest class and level you reach in playing the original Ragnarok? Let us know and leave a comment down below.

Update as of April 25, 2017: TapTap just disabled download to the country who has copyright restriction from Gravity. There is no more download button for Ragnarok Online Mobile appearing on the site. Stating, “Sorry, download service is not available in your country or region due to the copyright restrictions from Gravity.”. Instead, the button turns to Coming Soon, maybe they’re currently working with Gravity to have global launch.

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