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New Game Mode in Quake Champions

Sacrifice is the new team-based, 4-v-4 competitive mode in Quake Champions. Requiring team coordination in Champion selection, strategy development, and in-game play, Sacrifice will be the primary team competitive mode for all major esports tournaments.

The next round of the Quake Champions Closed Beta kicks off today May 12 at 10AM ET and runs all the way through May 21st, ending at 4PM ET!

If you haven’t redeemed your beta code from the first beta test event, jump over to and put in your email address to grab your key.

Champion Spotlight: Visor

Visor made his debut in Quake 3 Arena, and now he’s back for more bloodshed in Quake [...]

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Sign Up Now For The Quake Champions Closed Beta

Are you ready to return to the Arena? As part of our new gaming partnership with Bethesda, qualifying* AMD fans are getting a special treat: access to the highly anticipated Quake Champions Closed Beta! Space is limited, so sign up now before beta access runs out!

Dust off your rocket jumping skills, and prepare yourself for the blazing-fast action that’ll make your heart race in the arena. The Closed Beta is opening its doors soon, so ready your arsenals and sign up today.

To sign up just go to this page and fill up the form (

Get your practice in now on your AMD Ryzen™ & Radeon™ battle stations.

We [...]

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Watch How Fast Quake Champions Gameplay

Same gameplay with the original Quake game, Quake Champions didn’t disappoint us on the new franchise – the fast paced game are still present and there are lots of graphic improvements, thought you hardly notice it, if you didn’t put both old and new games side by side.

Bethesda again shows Quake Champions gameplay this week, this time a gameplay of a raw footage that are not edited for their trailer.

The short videos shows how you’d play the game, the full HUD game display and the speed of each players moving from point a to point b and entering portals. It also has the power ups and weapon pick ups. This is good news, to show the new [...]

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Quake Champions Sign Up for FREE Beta Code

Way back 20 years ago, Quake was the most popular FPS multiplayer competitive game before, next to Counter-Strike. Now, they are finally back with huge improvements since the last classic game, and they titled the new game Quake Champions with its new developer Bethesda which is the current owner of the series.

The Quake Champions will surely pushed the limit of todays graphics and gameplay. It’s a fast, skill-based arena-style competition that are still based from the original Quake games. People with 120Hz monitors will also take advantage of its quake’s classic speed which unlocked framerate up to 120Hz that capture every actions in the game.

The game is [...]