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Quake Champions Sign Up for FREE Beta Code

Quake Champions Sign Up for FREE Beta Code

Way back 20 years ago, Quake was the most popular FPS multiplayer competitive game before, next to Counter-Strike. Now, they are finally back with huge improvements since the last classic game, and they titled the new game Quake Champions with its new developer Bethesda which is the current owner of the series.

The Quake Champions will surely pushed the limit of todays graphics and gameplay. It’s a fast, skill-based arena-style competition that are still based from the original Quake games. People with 120Hz monitors will also take advantage of its quake’s classic speed which unlocked framerate up to 120Hz that capture every actions in the game.

The game is now open for beta sign up and you could get FREE access to its test-drive.

How to Sign Up for Quake Champions FREE BETA

So, Sign up now for a chance to gain access to Quake Champions’ Closed Beta.

Bethesda Softworks also announce with its upcoming QuakeCon 2017 which will happen in GaylordTexan in Dallas this August 24 to 27, 2017.

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