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Same gameplay with the original Quake game, Quake Champions didn’t disappoint us on the new franchise – the fast paced game are still present and there are lots of graphic improvements, thought you hardly notice it, if you didn’t put both old and new games side by side.

Bethesda again shows Quake Champions gameplay this week, this time a gameplay of a raw footage that are not edited for their trailer.

The short videos shows how you’d play the game, the full HUD game display and the speed of each players moving from point a to point b and entering portals. It also has the power ups and weapon pick ups. This is good news, to show the new generations of gamers how the are shooters game was in the old days and how it dominate the competitive match. In the video the character being played is Anarki, one of the champions who has ability of passive self healing.

Quake Champions are also sending FREE beta this weekends, and if you happen to register from the beta registration. Check your email and you probably get an instant access to the game and be the first to play it.

The release date of Quake Champions will be this year.

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