How to Gift Battle Pass for Dota 2, The International 10 (T10)

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You’re probably here because you have some problem on sending the Dota 2 Battle Pass as a gift on Steam, when you try to purchase the Battle Pass from Steam store, you’ll receive an warning message that says “This game is not giftable in your territory.” ,which basically means your country where you live doesn’t support gifting of the Battle Pass.

However, Dota 2’s The International 10 (T10) includes a new event called “The Gifts of Giving”, which rewards players a Battle Points rewards every time they send a Battle Pass gift with their friends. Simply put, the gifting should be possible regardless of your country as it is part of the event.

How to Gift Battle Pass

So, How do you gift the battle pass to your friends? Well, the gifting of battle pass is only available for Battle Pass owners, because you can only send gift from the battle pass in-game shop where the menu is only available for Battle Pass owners. However, the steam store version of Battle Pass gifting are only available for selected countries.

To go to the Battle Gift event, you need to go first to the Battle Pass page. You can access it from the Home screen then at the My Profile on the left corner, click Battle Pass.

Once you’re in the Battle Pass page, the Gift a Battle Pass button appears on the right bottom corner. Click that to proceed.

From here, you can select which Battle Pass you want to send to your friends.

For example, you selected Battle Pass Standard (Level 1). You can then select the friend that you want to send the gift.

After that, you can write your personal message on it.

If you activated the mobile authentication from your Steam account, there will be some restriction for gifting, your account and the recipient must be in friend for about 30-days or more. If not, your recipient will not be visible on the gift listing.

If you also login to a new device and has no mobile authentication activated in your Steam account, you need to be friends with your recipient for 365 days.

The Gift of Battle Pass Rewards

The gifts of giving is a new reward system for the T10, you’ll earn special titles and battle points when you gift your friends a Battle Pass. The special title will display in your profile card while playing the game and in the Versus Screen.

Here are the rewards that you can get.

Number of GiftsRewards
Gift 1 Battle PassThe Selfless Title + 2,000 Battle Points
Gift 3 Battle PassThe Benevolent + 4,000 Battle Points
Gift 5 Battle PassThe Wise + 10,000 Battle Points

Giveaway BattlePass Gifting

We recently held a giveaway on our Facebook page and we encountered problem on sending the BattlePass giveaway to our winners. Simply because their account is not in our friend list for about 30 days.

Some streamer suggesting to access the winner steam account to activate the Battlepass. Although, this solution somewhat temporarily solve the problem, it will only work for the 1st transaction. After succeeding transaction, Steam will not allow you to add funds to another steam account using the payment method you already used for the 1st winner.

Our only way to send gifts to our winners is by sending them PHP 550.00 (11 USD) worth of Steam Wallet instead. Although this solution is quite more expensive than purchasing directly from Steam.

That’s it! How many gifts you’ll be sending to your Dota friends? Let us know in the comment section.

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    Just a quick question, what happens if i gift a battle pass to a friend who already bought a battle pass?


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