Dota 2 – The International 2018 Prize Pool Distribution

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So far this is the biggest eSports tournament in the world, The next Dota 2 International tournament is set to begin this month. The total prize pool for Dota 2’s The Internation 2018 (TI8) just breached a massive $20 million mark, and even the 2nd to 6th place team will also take home not less than a million dollar.

The distribution for the Prize pool of the Dota 2 International 2018 tournament has been announced. The winning team will take home more cash than any other eSports tournament in the world. The First place will just get 44% of the total prize pool, amounting $10,470,062+, Second place will get 16% ($3,807,295+), Third place is 10.5% ($2,498,538+), fourth place will get 7% ($1,655,692+), Fifth & Sixth place will get 4.5% ($1,070,802+), Seventh and Eighth place will get 2.5% ($594,890+), 9th to 12th place will get 1.5% ($356,934+), 13th to 16th place will get 0.5% ($118,978+) and 17th to 18th place will get 0.25% ($59,489+).

Filipino teams will also participate in this most prominent eSports event, the team from Mineski who get a direct invite for the tournament due to its number 5 ranking in the Dota 2 Pro Circuit. The TNC Predator team also got a spot on the competition, which packs with an all Filipino team line up (Raven, Armel, Sam_H, Tims, and Kuku).

The International 2018 Dota 2 Championship will begin on Aug 15, to 18, 2018 at Rogers Arena in Vancouver, Canada.

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