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Battlefield 4 Game Review

Given its prominence in EA’s promotional campaign, it’s little surprise to find that Siege Of Shanghai is the most dramatic map of the lot, featuring a towering skyscraper that can be felled by crippling its supports, which forces any players inside to parachute to safety as it lurches to the ground. In Flood Zone, a burst levee turns streets into water-filled canals, while Rogue Transmission’s colossal radio telescope tumbles apart.

Paracel Storm is our favourite level, set on islands beset by a tropical squall that grows increasingly violent as the round progresses. As the storm intensifies, the waves get choppier, hampering water vehicle handling. A huge ship moored to a [...]

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Battlefield 4 – All DLC are FREE to Download on Origin

Good News! The Battlefield 4 DLC’s or the Premium Edition DLC are now free to download on Origin, these includes Dragon’s Teeth, Naval Strike, China Rising, Second Assault and Final Stand.

Note: You still need the base game Battlefield 4 to avail this offer.

The Free DLC is also available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PC.

You can download all DLC on this link or on your Origin Client..

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Battlefield 4 Multiplayer at E3 2013, Elder Scrolls Online Far From Skyrim & an Interesting Face About Infamous: Second Son

E3 2013 is just weeks away, and though you know that it will be packed with game releases, demos, and live streaming, it’s still worth something when an official announcement comes just days before the gaming month arrives.

DICE, Battlefield 4 developer, has finally announced that it will be making a show on the E3 2013–but with the added bonus that it will be showing off the multiplayer modes.

According to VG 24/7, all the excitement will happen on June 10, with hands-on play and even match-ups all lined up.

“We’ve heard from millions of fans that multiplayer is what you want to see most–the wait is over,” said the official [...]