Play Battlefield 4 or Hardline and Get FREE Weapon Skin in Battlefield 1

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Battlefield 1 is giving away a FREE weapon skin for all, but you need to have Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline to get it. And Here’s the catch you need to get 100 kills using a M1911 pistol to get the FREE weapon skin in Battlefield 1. The free weapon skin is M1911 The Incarcerator and additional Dog Tags will be unlocked, the redemption is from October 12 9AM PT up to October 17, 2016 9AM PTonly.

Here is the M1911 pistol look like in Battlefield 4.


How to Claim the FREE M1911 The Incarcerator Skin?

  1. Join any multiplayer battle in Battlefield 4 or Battlefield Hardline
  2. Equip the M1911 pistol
  3. Get 100 kills using M1911 pistol
  4. After that you will received a notifcation that you unlocked the new skin and dog tags.


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