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Best Hotel to Check-In While in Dota 2 The Masters Manila

The much awaited Dota 2 tournament the Dota 2 Masters Manila is nearly 3 months away and you’ve probably spotting best hotel to check-in while you’re in Manila which is near the SM Mall Of Asia arena (MOA) and easy accessible to other establishment. We’re going to list the top 3 best hotel that you can try to check-in with good Wi-Fi connection,  good customer service and great amenities.

Lets start with our recommended hotel the Golden Phoenix Hotel Manila, just 3 to 5 minutes walking distance to SM MOA arena and to the SM mall itself, approximately 0.3km. This strategic place will save you a lot of taxi fare by just walking from to the Dota 2 [...]

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Best Intel SkyLake Delid Tool for CPU Delidding

If you have a plan on delidding your Intel KabyLake, Skylake or Ivy Bridge CPU, we have prepared a list of best tools you can use to delid your SkyLake processor. Deliding is a process to remove the stock Integrated Heat Spreader from a CPU and replace with a better thermal paste to improved and lessen the CPU temperature.

On most Intel Series 3, 4, 6 and 7 processor, Intel is still using a black kind silicone to combine the IHS and the PCB making the die chip barely touches each other. They are also using an inferior type of thermal paste in their CPU resulting to a poor contact between the die to the IHS and not getting the full potential of minimizing the [...]

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Best Coop Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

Looking for a video game to play with your girlfriend? There are tons of nice coop game you can play with, in Steam or Uplay. If your girlfriend don’t know how to play these game, well teach her and I am sure he will hook in these game and possibly better than you.

Let’s start with the open world action-adventure game.

Saints Row The Third (Steam) A third-person perspective in an open world game, on the coop mode you and your partner can start and finish a mission together, you can have strategy to defeat all gangs in the city, unlock weapons and super powers, ride and stole a car or tanks, ride a jet plane or helicopter, wear an awesome good looking [...]