Best Coop Games to Play with Your Girlfriend

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Looking for a video game to play with your girlfriend? There are tons of nice coop game you can play with, in Steam or Uplay. If your girlfriend don’t know how to play these game, well teach her and I am sure he will hook in these game and possibly better than you.

Let’s start with the open world action-adventure game.

Saints Row The Third (Steam)
A third-person perspective in an open world game, on the coop mode you and your partner can start and finish a mission together, you can have strategy to defeat all gangs in the city, unlock weapons and super powers, ride and stole a car or tanks, ride a jet plane or helicopter, wear an awesome good looking attire. There are also lots of side mission you can finish in this game.

Saints Row The IV (Steam)

This is the fourth series of Saints Row, the difference of it from Saints Row the Third is it based on an alien invasion and lots of new super powers you can unlock on this game. You can also buy the expansion pack of this game Saints Row Get Out of Hell.

Dying Light (Steam)
Dying Light a horror first-person shooter, if you and your partner like thrilling/horror fps game this will be a good choice. Here you can play coop in campaign, you will fight different zombies with your melee’s weapon and in the middle of the game you can start using guns and long rifles to fight zombies. The great about this game is on the middle of the night, stronger zombies like Volatile, Bolter, Night Walker and Night Hunter will start to appear and will hunt you down, you need to find a shelter or safe zone to cover from them. Also, this game is an open world.

Left 4 Dead 2 (Steam)
Old games but very great, this First-person shooter is the very first coop zombie game on steam. There are different stages in Campaign in Left 4 Dead 2, you can play up to 16 players in campaign mode, you have to reach the safe zone to finish its level.

Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Black List (uPlay)

Here a different action genre, play in third-perspective. You can play the campaign level on this game with your coop partner and eliminate all enemies in a stealth way, you may also finish the game without killing enemies by just finishing the objectives. This is a really fun game to play with your girlfriend, because if one of you make a mistakes the game restarts again!

Trine 2 – Complete Story (Steam)

Here a magical puzzled game, these game is very unique and really fun solving different puzzle and maze in the game. Your can play as a knight, thief and wizard. Each classes has different purpose like dragging an object to reach certain location, breaking blocks and eliminating the enemies. You can play as much as 3 players in this game, playing this game with more player can easily solved each level. Also, there are new series Trine 3 you can also try.

That’s for now. Do you know some coop games you’d like to share on this post? Leave a comment below and we will add it!


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