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Best Intel SkyLake Delid Tool for CPU Delidding

Best Intel SkyLake Delid Tool for CPU Delidding

If you have a plan on delidding your Intel KabyLake, Skylake or Ivy Bridge CPU, we have prepared a list of best tools you can use to delid your SkyLake processor. Deliding is a process to remove the stock Integrated Heat Spreader from a CPU and replace with a better thermal paste to improved and lessen the CPU temperature.

On most Intel Series 3, 4, 6 and 7 processor, Intel is still using a black kind silicone to combine the IHS and the PCB making the die chip barely touches each other. They are also using an inferior type of thermal paste in their CPU resulting to a poor contact between the die to the IHS and not getting the full potential of minimizing the temperature. To fixed this problem, delidding is one of the solutions – but of course, there’s involved risk on doing it like making your CPU dead and voiding the warranty of your CPU.

And these are the list of delidable CPU:

  • Intel Series 3
  • Intel Series 4
  • Intel Series 6
  • Intel Series 7

Note: CPU’s which are not included in the list is their IHS was soldered to the die and its impossible to disassemble it without ending up dead CPU.

Without further ado, here are the list of tool you can use to delid your CPU.

For combining IHS and the PCB, you can use the following:

For thermal paste, see the following list:

Nail Polish for protecting the component and exposed cooper on contacting with Thermal Paste (These components are the small chip on the side of the die):

Finally! for tools on removing the IHS and PCB, see the list:

After you successfully delid your CPU, carefully check the PCB if there are no damage chip in it, clean and remove all thermal paste with an Alcohol and DO NOT FORGET to use a nail polish to protect the components in the PCB from contacting with the Thermal Paste.

Let us know your experience on delidding your CPU by leaving a comment down below!

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