T-Force DDR4 Gaming DARK RAM 2400

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TeamGroup Team new T-Force DDR4 Gaming Ram features an awesome aluminum knight armor heat-sink spreader – that will give your CPU a top notch armor style transformation, the armor heat spreader covers the front and the bottom on your DDR4 Ram, it has 4 plated heat-sink spreader, It also has a high quality IC chips that will work on 1.2V to 1.4 volts on ultra low working voltage. And supports an intel’s smart overclocking XMP 2.0.


The knight armor style heat spreader is compose of double layer heat-sink spreader that stops the heat from both sides and the top of the RAM and offer memory a better protection, longer life and performance.

It is powered by ultra low working voltage, meaning you will save energy up to 40%. It only uses 1.2 to 1.4V from your motherboard that makes the DDR4 Ram efficient in terms of power use and performance.

Card are available in 4GB x 2 and 8GB x 2, color Red and Dark. With various frequency and CL-Value from 2400 (CL14-16-16-31), 2666(CL15-15-15-35/CL-17-17-35), 2800 (CL16-16-36/CL16-18-18-38) and 3000 (CL15-15-15-35/CL16-18-18-38). Compatible on Desktop PC with DDR4 Memory slots and any version of Windows XP up to Windows 10.

Here are some live photo of T-Force DDR4 Ram from Bernardo Mod Chop.

  • 4GB DDR4 2400 (TDGED44G2400HC148K)
  • 4GB x 2 DDR4 2400 (TDGE48G2400HC14DC01)

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