All-in-one Cipher for Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX) Halloween Event

The cipher includes in this tool are Calendar Cipher, Morse Code, Caesar Cipher, Polybius Cipher, Rail Fence Cipher and Atbash Cipher. Just add the clue to the provided textbox below and it will solved all of the possible Cipher, the thing is - our tool cannot find the correct cipher. You must find the readable word from the Possible Answer section and that should be the answer. Once you find it, type it on the in-game world chat with your 3-digit code, example (GAMINGPH-123).

You need the following to solve the puzzle as quick as possible: It should take 1 to 2 minutes to complete these tasks, that's if the given algorithm is available in this tool. Unfortunately, the Math problem is not available here, you need to use Google to solve that or Edge Browser's Math Solver.

Example input from the previous Halloween event:

  • Morse Code: .--- . -- . ... ..- .. ... ..-. .- .. - --- ..- - .--. . - .. -
  • Morse Code: -.. .. ... -.-. ..- .. -.-- ... ... . ...
  • Atbash Cipher: XZIV OV HH DSR H KVI
  • Rail Fence Cipher: ET RA DA NE SN MN
  • Polybious Square Cipher: 24 34 45 15 45 43 15
  • Caesar Cipher: GdIxqn
  • Calendar Cipher: S12 F1 S22 S23 F1 S13

  • Example from this year's Halloween event:

  • Morse Code (Day 1): -- .- . -.. --- .-..
  • Calendar Cipher (Day 2): S23 W2 S11 W3 T23 S22 M1 W2 S13 S14 W1
  • Step 1: Clues

    Make sure to add space for every clues from Plaintext Messenger NPCs.

    Step 2: Possible Answer

    (Our tool will answer all of the possible cipher, you need to pick the word that are readable, that should be the answer):

    Step 3: Enter it to the Game

    Once you have chosen the readable answer, enter it to the in-game world chat. The format is (ANSWER-YOUR3DIGITCODE), example: GAMINGPH-123

    S1 S2 M T1 W T2 F