October Event: Rune Midgard Cooking Campaign in Ragnarok Mobile

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Good news to all Ragna Fans, this month of October 2019, Ragnarok M Eternal Love finally unveils its latest event for this month, the Ragnarok M Rune Midgard Cooking Campaign.

Players will able to participate these campaign insidr the Prontera, as usual the NPC for this event can be find near the Prontera center and the objective will be automatically showed in the quest list during the month of October.

The new villain for these events are ghost trying to stop the celebration in Prontera. Helps the cities defeat these invading ghost to complete the missions.


For quick reference, you may check below the schedule for each event of the Rune Midgard Cooking Campaign.

Event ScheduleStatus
Event 1 (Sign-in Mission) October 1 to 5, 2019Ended
Event 2 (Food Emergency) October 10 to 17, 2019 Ended
Event 3 (Ghost Parade) October 17 to 23, 2019 Live
Event 4 (Quiz Event) October 24 to 31, 2019
Event 5 (The Power of Gourmet I) October 1 to 10, 2019 Ended
Event 6 (The Power of Gourmet II)October 14 to 21, 2019 Ended
Event 7 (The Power of Gourmet III) October 21 to 28, 2019 Live
Event 8 (Feast Giftbox) October 3 to 10, 2019 Ended
Event 9 (Sisowath’s Treasury) October 24 to 31, 2019
Event 10 (Gachapon Feast) October 17 to 31, 2019 Live

Event 1 – Sign-in Mission

You can activate the sign-in mission by going to the Prontera Square and talk to the Food Critic NPC Aiya Nord.

Accept the mission Cooking Campaign series mission, make sure you are using the main character account that you’d like to received the rewards.

There will be a total of 5 missions to complete. Each completion will allow players to receive a Sisowath Appreciation reward, which contains Celebration Food Voucher.

When completing all of the 5 missions, players will receive the Caviar Sushi Blueprint and Energizer B.

The Celebration Food Voucher can be traded on the exchange for the whole month of October. It cannot be used after November 15, 2019.


Mission Accept Time: October 1st 05:00 to October 8th 05:00

Mission Finish Time: October 1st 05:00 to October 15th 05:00

Event 2 – Food Emergency

The Food Emergency Event can also be activated at the Prontera Square, this is by talking to the NPC Food Campaign Employee, then accept the mission Regular Food Ingredients, Rare Food Ingredients and Jewelry.

Once completed, players will receive a Celebration Feast Voucher and Feast Giftbox. Follow our guide on this link for full instruction.

How to collect Rare Food Ingredients

Starting October 10 to 17, 2019, players will able to participate in the Hunger Ghost invading that will happen in North Prontera.

Defeating the Hunger Ghost will drop Regular food ingredients and a chance to get a Mysterious Food, Hunger Ghost Feast.

To get a Top Ingredients, player needs to consume the Hunger Ghost Feast, which will summon a ghost that will drop the Top Ingredients. It can only be used once per day.


Each account can only summon Hunger Ghost from the feast once per day.

The Top Ingredients can be donated to the Prontera to obtain a Celebration Food Voucher or a Feast Giftbox.

2. “Top Ingredients” can be donated on Prontera for ”Celebration Food Voucher“. ”Feast GiftBox“~

Event Date: October 10 to October 17, 2019

Event 3 – Ghost Parade

Starting October 17 to 23, 2019, players can participate every night from 6:00PM to 6:00AM (Manila, Philippine Time) at the Prontera and talk to the NPC Antonio near South Gate entrance.

Help him with a quest by getting a Food Ingredients from the Ghost. The Strange Ghost is just inside the Prontera.

This event is limited to one character only and can be used once a day. There are a total of 5 mission, you can choose 3 of them to do.

For walkthrough of this quest, check our separate post -> Ghost Parade Guide.

Completing each quest will receive a 50 x Celebration Food Voucher.

Event Date: October 17 to October 23, 2019 (everynight from 18:00 to 05:00 the next day)

Event 4: Quiz Event

Starting October 24 to 31, 2019. Players can take a quiz to the NPC Champion of Cooking Campaign, Chef Meinllen in the Prontera Square.

Answering the quiz correctly will allow players to get a rewards:

  • 2 x Food Voucher
  • 1 x of the following items: 2 x Oracle Crystal, 2 x Prey Card pack, 2 x Gold Medal, 2 x Valkyrie’s Gift, 1 x Seed of Mastela, Oracle Dust

This event is limited to one character only.

Event Date: October 24 to October 31, 2019

Event 5: The Power of Gourmet Ⅰ

Donating to guild will received double rewards. Aside from that, Guild Build Progression will increase to 50% and Personal Rewards will increase to 50%.

Event Date: October 1 to October 10, 2019

Event 6: The Power of Gourmet Ⅱ

Starting October 14 to October 21, 2019. Completing the Oracle Dungeon will get double rewards.

Event Date: October 14 to October 21, 2019

Event 7: The Power of Gourmet Ⅲ

Starting October 3 to 10, 2019, Completing the Endless Tower will double rewards.

Only valid to 1 character per account only.

Event Date: October 21 to October 28, 2019

Event 8: Feast GiftBox

During the event, Feast GiftBox will be available on Bit Cat Coin Store with the price of 15 Big Cat Coin.

Feast GiftBox contains the following:

  • 30 x Celebration Food Voucher
  • 300 x Colorful Shell
  • 10% chance to to get: 1 x Skewer Pet Voucher

Skewer Pet Voucher can be used to exchange Event Exclusive pet ant its pet skin.

Pet “Skewer” can be fused into “Ferocious Ghost”.

Event Date: October 3 to October 10, 2019.

Event 9: Sisowath’s Treasury

Starting October 24 to October 31, 2019. A new item will be available in the Big Cat Coin Store, the Sisowath’s Treasury that cost around 30BCC and limited to 60 purchase only per account.

Sisowath’s Treasury contains:

  • (15 to 35) x Gram Dust
  • (35 to 50) x Nolan card
  • Get a chance to get the following: 2 x Card album remains, 2 x Hardcover Card album remains, 1 x Gorgeous Card Album 1 x Ancient Magic Card Album and a chance to receive an additional Oracle exclusive card.

Event Date: October 24 to October 31, 2019

Event 10: Gachapon Feast

Deep-Sea Lover Themed costumes will be available on Gacha.

Event Date: October 17 to October 31, 2019

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