How to Get More Celebration Food Voucher in Ragnarok Mobile

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During the month of October, a new event for Ragnarok M Eternal Love, the Rune Midgard Cooking Campaign has finally started. As usual, everytime there is a new event, there is also a new redeem item that players collects to exchange for a rare blueprints and other important items in the game.

The redeem item for the month of October is the Celebration Food Voucher, this item can be used starting today until November 15, 2019. After this day, the item will no longer display the item listed for this voucher.

Celebration Food Voucher

The item available inside the Food Voucher are 9 in total.

ItemCostQuantity Limit
Puffer Fish Blueprint300 CFV1
Food Voucher15 CFV10
Oracle Dust6 CFV16
Oracle Crystal10 CFV16
Praying Card Pack15 CFV10
Gold Medal15 CFV10
Seed of Mastela20 CFV3
Adventure Meatball1 CFVUnlimited
Eden Coin2 CFVUnlimited

To make sure you’ll get all of the item sold in the Celebration Food Voucher, you need to collect a total of 1,066 CFV. Not including Adventure Meatball and Eden Coin.

How to Get Celebration Food Voucher

During the October Event, there are several quest that players can join and collect these voucher for free. Below, you’ll can find all of the event that rewards Celebration Food Voucher.

Mission

By participating in the event 1, Sign-in Mission. Each day, you’ll get a Sisowath Appreciation reward when you complete the daily quest. In total, there are 5 daily quest that you can complete using the Sign-in Mission and you’ll get a total of 5 Sisowath Appreciation gift for the 5 quest.

Each Sisowath Apprecial gift contains 50 x Celebration Food Voucher. You’ll get a total of 250 Celebration Food Voucher by completing the Sign-in Mission.

This event is available from October 1 to October 15, 2019.

Food Emergency Quest

Get this voucher from completing the Food Emergency quest, which is available starting October 10 to 17, 2019.

What you’ll only need to do is to hunt for Hunger Ghost at the North Prontera. And it will drop an ingredients use to summon a Hunger Ghost which drops Celebration Food Voucher.

Right now, we have no idea how many CFV the Hunger Ghost will drop.

Ghost Parade Quest

During October 17 to 23, 2019 and every night from 6:00PM to 6:00 AM (Manila, Philippine Time). You can get a mission by talking to the NPC Antonio near the South gate portion of Prontera map.

It is composed of 5 mission, and each day players can complete a single mission. You’ll get 50 x Celebration Food Voucher once you’ve completed a single mission.

In total, you’ll get 250 Celebration Food Voucher.

Feast GiftBox

Lastly, you’ll get these item from Big Cat Coin shop, for a price of 15 BCC, you’ll get 30 x Celebration Food Voucher.


You can also get Celebration Food Voucher straight from the Exchange. Other players might sell their food voucher at the shop. Currently, no players are selling this item in the exchange.

However, the exchange price is 1,807 and should be a snapping item.

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