How to Get and Use Hunger Ghost Feast (Top Ingredients) in Ragnarok Mobile

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Today is the start of the Food Emergency event in Ragnarok M Eternal Love Mobile. During this event, players need to collect a food item called Hunger Ghost Feast. This item is required to loot for the Top ingredient and eventually claim the Feast Giftbox.

First of all, you need to talk to the NPC in Prontera Square before starting this event. There should be a new quest in your quest list.

How to Get Hunger Ghost Feast

To loot for these foods, you need to eliminate the Hunger Ghost located at the Prontera North.

The drop chance is quite low at estimated (5% to 16%), so you need to eliminate 10 to 20 Hunger Ghost to obtain this item.

How to Find Hunger Ghost Feast from Inventory

After obtaining the food item, it will not appear in your inventory. Instead, you can find it inside the Food Box.

Open the Food Box from your inventory, then find the Hunger Ghost Feast.

The food effect can be stacked up to 3 times per day. It has an effect of:


Hunger Ghost Feast
Item Type: Dish

Receive Cap: 3/3 per day

Nutrition Value:
Max HP + 420
Max SP + 42
Def +36
M.Def + 36
Dmg on all except MVP and Mini +2%

Duration: 208 minutes

Discharge: 8000 HP, 800 SP

How to loot Top Ingredients

Consume the Hunger Ghost Feast to summon a Special Ghost Hunter, once you’ve defeated this monster, you’ll be rewarded with a Top Ingredients.

Note: You can only summon once a day, so consuming another Hunger Ghost Feast won’t summon a new Ghost Hunter. But the effect of the food will be applied.

Exchange Top Ingredients

You can exchange this item from the NPC in Prontera Square, the name of the NPC is Allon, Cuisine Association Staff “Submit Supreme Food Materials“.

The Top Ingredients can be exchanged for the following items:


Feast Giftbox
3 Top Ingredients2

80 x Celebration Food Voucher
1 Top IngredientsUnlimited

That’s it Pancit! Hope this mini-guide helps you understand this event!

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