Get Jungle Set Crate for the 3rd Twitch Prime Giveaway

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The next Twitch Prime PUBG giveaway is getting close. The 3rd set that you might get is a Jungle Set Crate which has 8 different items in it, including 5 clothe skins and for the first time, a 2 additional weapon skins. However, this crate is not yet officially announce on the giveaway page, these information was leak from a game data mining site. It confirms that this is the jungle set crate because of the Twitch logo and color combination on the explorer helmet and bandana.

Note: This is for PUBG PC only (Steam version) and not for the PUBG mobile.

For you to get this Jungle Set Crate, you need to subscribe to Amazon Prime in which you’ll automatically get access to Twitch Prime. Currently, the SPA Day crate are still up for grab in Twitch Prime loot giveaway, so if you haven’t get it, grab it now before it is gone.

Same on the previous crate giveaway, these items are not tradable nor marketable. You can only redeem this crate in your account. 

List of Items in Jungle Set Crate

  • Leopard Print Vest
  • Leather Boots
  • Explorer Helmet
  • Colonial Coat
  • Pilok Knickers
  • Tiger Print Bandana
  • Croc Bite – M16A4
  • Bengal Blade – SCAR-L

For those who already subscribe to the Twitch Prime, you’ll automatically get this new crate in your PUBG account. If not, you can subscribe to Twitch Prime using the free trial of Twitch Prime giveaway and you can use your debit/credit card to subscribe.

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