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Download Ragnarok Online Mobile English Patch

Download Ragnarok Online Mobile English Patch

Good news to all Ragnarok Online Mobile players! After long months of waiting, there is now an English patch for the Ragnarok Online Mobile Games. But it comes from a 3rd party source and from a translation community. So we may not recommend you to download this patch, download at your own risk.

Although, the translation team behind this patch are trusted peeps. They are the people behind many online guides in Facebook groups and pages. They help non-Chinese-speaking community translates Ragnarok’s game quest, tips, item name, monster name, and missions then they post the translation online. But this time they automate the process and put in one patch, so all of their translation are now embedded inside the game, so won’t leaving the app anymore just to translate a text.

The File size of the APK patch is just small at 11.1mb, and you can download it at their official site at

Here are some of the screenshot, picture credits to the roguard.

Most of the English translated text in the patch includes stats, quest, inventory, items, skills and more. This patch will modify the original Ragnarok Mobile game files.

The translation team behind this patch are Clo, Flash, Gardosen, Rierin and Trevorrayne.

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