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Microsoft’s XBOX Scorpio is More Expensive than XBOX ONE S

In less than a year we will be expecting the XBOX Scorpio will be released in the market, a more powerful console than XBOX ONE S. Microsoft itself also announced and confirmed that the new console will be more expensive. This was initially reported by MSPoweruser.

This comes after the statement interview of the XBOX Boss Phil Spenser mentioning the objectives of Project Scorpio. “The Scorpio will be a premium console, so its going to cost more than the XBOX ONE S. That’s how we design it”. Spenser also added Microsoft is more likely to reach high devices for customers, more power means a higher price at the same time.

The XBOX Scorpio is [...]

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Microsoft Launched its New XBOX ONE Wireless Controller Black

Microsoft just launched today November 17, 2016 the XBOX ONE Wireless Controller (Black) a game controller for XBOX ONE powered with Bluetooth which also works on Windows 10 PC and Tablets. The game controller is available now nationwide to game retailer for $59.99.

The new XBOX One Wireless Controller is equipped with Bluetooth which can be used on any Windows 10 based PC and Tablets using the Bluetooth 2.0 connection. It also has new thumbstick shape and grip texture enhancement for your aiming precision, an ultra-responsive Redesigned D-pad for directional movements, buttons are now bumpers for quicker gameplay and the controller grips can now fit a wider range of [...]

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XBOX ONE S Price 329 USD and will be Released on November 24, 2016

Microsoft Japan just announced in their Windows Innovation Day at Tokyo Toranomon Hills forum, that the Microsoft’s new XBOX ONE S will be released on November 24, 2016 nationwide and will be priced at 329 USD or 34, 980 Japanese Yen.

The new model XBOX ONE S is now 40% smaller than the original XBOX ONE, the AC Adapter is now also built-in no need of extra adapter to power your XBOX. The new upgrades will give you smooth gaming experience in a 4K TV with a Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc player, the new console is also capable of playing XBOX 360 game with their 350 backward compatibility. It also has the trending HDR (High Dynamic Range) a contrast [...]

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New Virtual Reality Headsets at $299 From Microsoft Various Partner

Microsoft just announced a new virtual headsets from its various partner’s hardware makes like ASUS, Acer, HP and Lenovo will be hitting next year and at cheapest price of $299. The great thing about this new headset is that it has inside out six degrees of freedom sensor meaning no need of extra camera sensor accessory.

Microsoft also added it will be the very first VR Headsets that has mixed reality and compatible with Microsoft’s latest Windows 10 Creator Update.

The new VR headsets will not also require you to have seperate room and complicated setup to experience Virtual Reality.  While other VR in the market cost more than $500 or require expensive [...]