XBOX ONE S Price 329 USD and will be Released on November 24, 2016

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Microsoft Japan just announced in their Windows Innovation Day at Tokyo Toranomon Hills forum, that the Microsoft’s new XBOX ONE S will be released on November 24, 2016 nationwide and will be priced at 329 USD or 34, 980 Japanese Yen.


The new model XBOX ONE S is now 40% smaller than the original XBOX ONE, the AC Adapter is now also built-in no need of extra adapter to power your XBOX. The new upgrades will give you smooth gaming experience in a 4K TV with a Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc player, the new console is also capable of playing XBOX 360 game with their 350 backward compatibility. It also has the trending HDR (High Dynamic Range) a contrast display enhancement.

There are also XBOX ONE S 1 TB Halo Collection Bundle, which includes a disk version of Halo 5 it is equipped with a 1TB hard disk drive to play lots of game. It also comes with a bundled controller to a bluetooth connection and you may connect this controller to your PC.

You can also purchase the XBOX One S Vertical Stand to vertically placed your XBOX One.

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