Microsoft’s XBOX Scorpio is More Expensive than XBOX ONE S

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In less than a year we will be expecting the XBOX Scorpio will be released in the market, a more powerful console than XBOX ONE S. Microsoft itself also announced and confirmed that the new console will be more expensive. This was initially reported by MSPoweruser.


This comes after the statement interview of the XBOX Boss Phil Spenser mentioning the objectives of Project Scorpio. “The Scorpio will be a premium console, so its going to cost more than the XBOX ONE S. That’s how we design it”. Spenser also added Microsoft is more likely to reach high devices for customers, more power means a higher price at the same time.

The XBOX Scorpio is expected to have 6 teraflops. A few months ago, Microsoft described the XBOX Scorpio as the most powerful console of all time and raised expectations with it. The manufacturer also promises the console is powered with 6 teraflops and probably provides VR support and a true 4K resolution gaming experience. We cannot still confirm if the game will be displayed in native UHD or a scaling technique is used.

By comparison, the Playstation 4 Pro is powered with 4.2 teraflops and most titles has no support for 4K resolution. The release of the XBOX Scorpio is expected to released next year Christmas 2017. Microsoft also promise that this new console will not or should not replace old console.

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